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Peter Hitchens: Inside Burma - one of the world's most beautiful and ugliest countries and the last ghost of the British Empire

The Mail on Sunday columnist infiltrates this sinister state and uncovers the Generals' secret new capital

Peter Hitchens at the Shwedegon Pagoda, Rangoon, Burma

Golden past: Peter Hitchens at the beautiful Shwedagon Pagoda

In Burma the people are afraid of their rulers - and the rulers are so afraid of the people that they hide from them in a crazy capital city hundreds of miles from anywhere. The only open opposition Read more

Than Shwe’s Dynastic Family Dream on Parade at State Function

A highly publicized appearance by the family of Burmese junta leader Snr-Gen Than Shwe at an important military function is being interpreted in some circles as further evidence that the elderly general is creating a ruling dynasty of his own.

Junta-backed USDA unlikely to contest 2010 election

In contrast to what many observers expected, Burma's military junta plans to abolish its proxy organization - Union Solidarity and Development Association (USDA) - opting not to transform it into...

Czech Republic, East Timor offer asylum to Burmese rebels

East Timor and the Czech Republic have 'in principle' agreed to offer asylum to 34 Burmese ethnic rebels, who are currently lodged in Kolkata's presidency jail in India and facing...

MAP Marks International Migrant’s Day

International Migrant’s Day was marked in Chiang Mai with the release of an animated documentary depicting the dangers frequently faced by migrant workers.

Ban ‘Disappointed’ with Junta

The UN secretary-general has expressed his disappointment over the unwillingness of the Burmese regime to deliver on its promises.

Few Takers for Cyclone Nargis Tours

A government plan to cash in on tourist trips to the cyclone-devastated Irrawaddy delta region has run into problems because of restrictions placed on travelers there.

Burma cancels license of 84 tour companies

Eighty four tour and travel companies have been stripped off of their license by Burma's directorate of Hotels and Tourism for failing to renew their license, officials said. An official...

Mandalay Division NLD Secretary suffers apoplexy in prison

A Mandalay Division 'National League for Democracy' (NLD) member suffered from apoplexy in prison, party sources said. His family members realized about his health condition when they met him yesterday...
abacus: Burma
By abacus' parents
Burmese learn to read what isn't there, the sudden absence becoming the headline for the current biggest news story. And in true Animal Farm fashion, the parties three slogans are written on walls and everyday in the "news"paper. ...
abacus - http://abacus1.blogspot.com/
Burma Partnership: Burma Update: December 17, 2008
By Burma Partnership Secretariat
Greetings! WELCOME to the Burma Partnership Blog, one stop shop for news and information related to Burma! This site is best viewed with Mozilla Firefox. About Burma Partnership. Burma Partnership is a movement of organizations and ...
Burma Partnership - http://apppb.blogspot.com/
Singapore News Alternative: Stats Chippac to cut 1600 jobs - Update
By sgnewsalt
Stats Chippac to cut 1600 jobs - Update. RTTNews, 17 Dec 2008. Wednesday, Stats Chippac Ltd. (SCIPF.PK: News ), a provider of semiconductor test and advanced packaging services, announced a restructuring plan to reduce its global ...
Singapore News Alternative - http://singaporenewsalternative.blogspot.com/
Microsoft plans quick fix for IE | MOTHER IRRAWADDY
According to Rick Ferguson, a senior security adviser at security firm Trend Micro, the flaw has so far been used to steal gaming passwords but more sensitive data could be at risk until the security update is installed. ...
MOTHER IRRAWADDY - http://irrawaddy.burmabloggers.net/
Bangkok Pundit: Abhisit To Give Opposition Leader One Hour
By Bangkok Pundit
Cockroach Party · SMH : Monarchy Damaged by Elites · Economy That Abhisit Faces · Quota System · Group of 71 UPDATE · Abhisit Profile · Red Army Outside of Parliament UPDATE · Good News for Abhisit : Part 1 · Abhisit vs Pracha ...
Bangkok Pundit - http://bangkokpundit.blogspot.com/

World Citizen: A Year of Wisdom, Wiliness -- and Craven Stupidity
World Politics Review - USA
Another country whose future -- and present -- should concern us all is Burma, renamed Myanmar by its illegitimate rulers. Burma's pro-democracy leader, ...
New Year Wish to the distressed poor people of Burma
Mizzima.com - New Delhi,Delhi,India
People of Burma have been hoping for a good turn since their country became independent, but so far luck has been against them, getting poorer as they keep ...
Happy Birthday, Saki (HH Munro), Edwardian Satirist
findingDulcinea - New York,New York,USA
Saki was born Hector Hugh Munro to Scottish parents Charles Augustus Munro and his wife Mary on December 18, 1870, in Akyab, Burma (now Myanmar). ...
Roasted chicken salad makes a perfect lunch
River Forest Leaves - Oak Park,IL,USA
The chickens we know today are the direct ancestor of the wild red jungle fowl found in India, Thailand, Sumatra and Burma. Additional protein is provided ...
Myanmar blames "extravagant" Americans for crisis
Reuters UK - UK
The former Burma relied on few imports and its main trading partners, India and China, were suffering less than others in the current economic downturn, ...
Ban criticizes Burma for shying away from democratization
Mizzima.com - New Delhi,Delhi,India
by Mizzima News New Delhi (Mizzima) - The United Nations General Secretary on Wednesday criticized Burma's ruling generals for failing to keep its promise ...
Voice of America
UN Chief Criticizes Burma for Lack of Democratic Progress
Voice of America - USA
At a year-end news conference Wednesday, Mr. Ban said Burma has failed to engage in democratic dialogue and release its political prisoners. ...
Bringing Hope and Help to the Persecuted People of Burma
Christian Freedom International - Sault Ste. Marie,MI,USA
"Thank you also for helping our persecuted brothers and sisters inside Burma with emergency rice. May God bless you and fulfill all of your needs," said ...
Man charged and accomplice on the run after heroin bust at airport
The Australian - Sydney,Australia
Thailand toughened its drug laws in 2002, but remains a transit point for narcotics produced in neighbouring Burma, the world's second largest opium ...
Burmese in Singapore find it difficult to get air tickets
Mizzima.com - New Delhi,Delhi,India
by Nam Davies New Delhi (Mizzima) – With many Burmese in Singapore returning to Burma for the December holiday season, it has become very difficult to get ...

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Magnetic Fields Forever - Buffalohair Gazette International
This is the news story we should be paying attention to since this event has the potential to alter human history if we are not paying attention. Coincidentally an X Class solar flare just occurred and curiously it began shooting ...
Buffalohair Gazette International - http://buffalohair-jage.com/WP-BGI/
Rev. Danny Fisher: There's Bad News, and There's Good News
By Rev. Danny Fisher
The good news, though, is this: the benediction will be led by the Rev. Joseph Lowery, founder and former president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and a true-blue spiritual hero. He's also one of the few guys who hasn't ...
UN chief criticizes Myanmar and Zimbabwe | Burma Bloggers' Network
At a year-end news conference, the UN chief said 2009 promises to be no less difficult than 2008, with a worsening humanitarian situation in Afghanistan,
World focus on Burma (17 December 2008) « Save Burma
Regime Shrugs Off Effects on Burma of Global Economic Crisis The Irrawaddy News Magazine, Thailand - Even Prime Minister Thein Sein admitted the scale of the disaster, saying recently: "Although Myanmar's [Burma's] rice production has ...
Save Burma - http://antidictatorship.wordpress.com/
Inya Net » Blog Archive » No Immediate Plans for Gambari to Visit ...
admin | Daily News, Politics | December 17th, 2008. NEW YORK — The United Nations said on Tuesday that there is no immediate plan for its special envoy to Burma, Ibrahim Gambari, to visit the country. Gambari has a standing invitation ...

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