- reported by Thandar Tun (Women of Burma, UK)

The 62nd Anniversary of Burma’s Union Day falls on the auspicious day of 12.02.2009. Union Day is the day on which father of modern Independent Burma, Bogyoke Aung San, got all the ethnic nationalities of Burma into solidarity to form together a strong union, and it was evidenced by the Pin Lone Contract. Despite such a good history of cooperation among the ethnic groups, the current Military regime has destroyed all history of relation and cooperation among the ethnics. Nowadays many ethnic groups are suffering from severe persecution by the Regime; hundreds of thousands now have to hide in the jungles for their survival.

In that kind of situation, no one can accept the new constitution which is drawn so as to perpetuate the military rule, and also its planned 2010 elections.

So, to urge all ethnic nationalities to stand up and condemn the 2010 election, and to put pressure on the military regime to release all political prisoners in Burma, the exile branch in UK of Burma’s main pro-democracy party National League for Democracy (NLD-LA-UK) on the 62nd Union Day, in association with other pro-democracy and ethnic organizations, held demonstrations in London, and protested in front of Burmese military regime’s London embassy.