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US Sanctions Taking Toll on Burmese Gems Industry

Burma’s gems industry is suffering in the wake of sanctions imposed by the US government to put pressure on the country’s ruling junta.

Clinton Hammers Home Obama Message in Asia

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton relentlessly hammers home the Obama administration's message that America is under new management and ready to listen and engage the world.
We want to see a time when citizens of Burma and the Nobel Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi can live freely in their own country.
— US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Junta’s Spies Active among Ethnic, Exiled Groups

A confidential military intelligence report outlining information about Burmese ethnic and exiled groups is obtained by The Irrawaddy.

Prayers for Thaksin

Supporters of the ousted Thai premier have held a religious ritual at an ancient Buddhist temple to help restore his karma.

UNSC to Consult on Burma

The UN Security Council will hold a consultation session on Burma on Friday—the first since Barack Obama became US president.

Junta Declares War on Lawyers

To be a lawyer in military-ruled Burma is to court danger, invite arrest and risk being jailed in the country’s notorious prisons.

Quintana did not meet Zargarnar says UN

The United Nations office in Rangoon has denied that visiting UN human rights expert Quintana met detained popular comedian Zargarnar on Wednesday.

Quintana winds up Burma visit

United Nations Human Rights expert, Tomas Ojea Quintana, on Thursday left Burma with partial information on the situation of Human Rights in the country, the opposition party said.

Bangladesh sends team to weigh direct banking option with Burma

Dhaka, February 19: Dhaka sent a technical team to Rangoon on Thursday, aiming to simplify the payment procedure between the two countries, through a direct banking arrangement,...

Charity Group says tourism will help restore democracy in Burma

A United Kingdom-based charity group on Thursday rejected the call by a campaign group on travel agencies, to stop business deals with Burma, saying tourism helped the people of Burma...
Migrant workers middle Burma threatening, robbing villagers in Mon ...
Independent Mon News Agency - Pullman,WA,USA
Migrant workers from upper and middle Burma have been causing trouble in several villages in Mon State through robbery, drunkenness, stealing produce and ...
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FAO rules out avian flu in central Burma
Mizzima.com - New Delhi,Delhi,India
by Mungpi New Delhi (Mizzima) - The recent deaths of thousands of chickens in central Burma was caused by a new disease known as Viscerotropic Velogenic ...
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RIGHTS-BURMA: Junta Declares War on Lawyers, Jails Them
Inter Press Service - Rome,Italy
By Marwaan Macan-Markar MAE SOT, Thailand, Feb 19 (IPS) - To be a lawyer in military-ruled Burma is to court danger, invite arrest and risk being jailed in ...
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New group of Burmese refugees for orientation centre
Mayo News - Mayo,Ireland
ALMOST 80 Burmese refugees due to spend two months at the Ballyhaunis Orientation and Training Centre in the coming weeks will not be permanently settled in ...
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War games in paradise
GlobalPost - USA
During Cobra Gold last May, Cyclone Nargis ravaged neighboring Burma, eventually leaving nearly 140000 dead. Cobra Gold’s US and Thai leaders made ...
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Thaw with Burma?
Capitol Hill Blue - VA,USA
Capitol Hill Blue is an independent, non-partisan news site that belongs to no political party and subscribes to no political or philosophical point-of-view ...
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Can Hillary Help Liberate Burma?
The Plank on TNR.com - Washington,DC,USA
Hillary Clinton has indicated that the United States is considering a major shift in its policy toward Burma, most notably by lifting the economic sanctions ...
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Clinton Signals Possible Shift in US Policy on Burma
Washington Post - United States
"Clearly the path we have taken in imposing sanctions hasn't influenced the Burmese junta," she said, adding that the route taken by Burma's neighbors of ...
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Photos of a hard life
Coast Report - Costa Mesa,CA,USA
In the thick of man-made adversity, the people of the Southeast Asian country of Burma (also known as Myanmar) welcomed Bell and her camera. ...
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Three Burmese refugees murdered in Malaysia
Mizzima.com - New Delhi,Delhi,India
by Solomon New Delhi – Three Burmese refugees have been found dead at their residence in Kuala Lumpur, on Tuesday morning, a fellow refugee told Mizzima. ...
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