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French Govt Minister to Raise Burma Question during Thailand Visit

The French government minister responsible for human rights issues, Rama Yade, has begun a three-day visit to Thailand, during which she will discuss the Burma question with Thai Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya.

Signatures Wanted to Free Political Prisoners

Human rights groups are launching a global campaign on Friday to collect 888,888 signatures for a petition calling for the release of Burmese political prisoners.

Three Men Die in Forced Labor Incidents

Three villagers die in two forced labor incidents involving local authorities in Pegu Division in Burma.

UNHCR Chief Travels to Mergui

The head of the UN’s refugee agency is wrapping up a nearly week-long visit to Burma with a brief trip to Tenasserim Division.

Burmese PM to visit Indonesia and Singapore

The Burmese Prime Minster General Thein Sein will lead a delegation to Indonesia and Singapore, sources in Naypyitaw said. Thein Sein’s delegation is scheduled to reach Jakarta, Indonesia...

Burmese sailors freed by Somali pirates compensated

A Britain based Insurance Company on Wednesday provided compensation to 12 Burmese sailors, who were held captive for 37 days by Somali pirates. The compensation paid by the 'Protection and...

Humanitarian worker sentenced to 17 years in prison

A special court sitting inside the notorious Insein prison on Wednesday handed down 17 years in prison to a humanitarian worker, who was arrested and detained for the past eight...

French Secretary of State for human rights to visit Thailand

The French Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and Human Rights, Rama Yade, is preparing to begin a three-day visit to Thailand on Thursday and will discuss issues including the...

EU needs more effective Burma policy
United Press International, Asia - Hong Kong,USA
By Zin Linn Bangkok, Thailand — The European Union's policy on Burma has not worked to bring about a breakthrough in national reconciliation or political ...
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Reforestation in Burma draws private investors
Lesprom Network - Moscow,Russia
A 30 year plan for reforestation has been drawn up in Burma. The plan invites companies from the private sector, both national and international to invest ...
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The Irrawaddy News Magazine
French Govt Minister to Raise Burma Question during Thailand Visit
The Irrawaddy News Magazine - Chiang Mai,Thailand
By WAI MOE The French government minister responsible for human rights issues, Rama Yade, an outspoken critic of the Burmese regime, began a three-day visit ...
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Myanmar sees 25-fold rise in amphetamine seizures
International Herald Tribune - France
Myanmar, also known as Burma, is also the world's second largest producer of heroin after Afghanistan, according to US and UN experts, although the Central ...
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Exiled Burmese groups close following rumours of Thai crackdown
Democratic Voice of Burma - Oslo,Norway
Mar 12, 2009 (DVB)–Exiled Burmese opposition groups based in Thailand’s border town, Mae Sot, were forced to close down their offices following rumours of a ...
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Off to help kids in Burma
St George & Sutherland Shire Leader - Sydney,NSW,Australia
Gymea businesswoman Angela Colson said Burmese residents are still reeling from Cyclone Nargis that devastated the region in May last year. ...
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The D’s that could Determine a Viable Burma Policy
The Irrawaddy News Magazine - Chiang Mai,Thailand
By AUNG ZAW Burma is a moral minefield where we all need to tread carefully, critically and creatively, bearing in mind a number of “D” factors. ...
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Visiting the Rohingya, Burma's Hidden Population
From everything that I had heard about this persecuted Muslim minority, the Rohingya come from western Burma's isolated Arakan State. ...
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Atheo News: Squaring the Pentagon
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Maybe Burma and Venezuela. Toss in Sudan and Somalia, as if the latter actually existed as a nation. Stretch to include Syria. This disparate group is no replacement for the Axis alliance or Soviet empire. ...
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Roy Greenslade: The internet’s ‘dirty dozen’
By InfoUrl
It names the 12 enemies as Burma, China, Cuba, Egypt, Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Vietnam, arguing that the “dirty dozen” have all transformed their internet into an intranet. “All these countries distinguish themselves not only by their ability to censor online news and information but also by their virtually systematic persecution of troublesome internet users,” said RSF, a Paris-based organisation ...
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