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Monks protest against banning of ceremony

Mar 27, 2009 (DVB)–Buddhist monks in central Burma have launched a petition to protest against government restrictions that prevent them from freely conducting a traditional Burmese Buddhist ceremony. - more

Burma leader warns on democracy at parade

Mar 27, 2009 (AFP)—Burma junta chief Than Shwe urged political parties to shun foreign ideologies if they want democracy as the military put on a show of might at its annual parade today. - more

One dead in Rangoon blast

Mar 27, 2009 (AFP)–One person was killed and two others injured in a suspected bomb blast in Burma's commercial hub Rangoon today, on the eve of the country's annual military parade, official sources said. - more

Doctor warns tuberculosis is a greater threat than HIV/AIDS

Mar 26, 2009 (DVB)–A doctor from a leading medical fund has claimed that an over-emphasis on HIV/AIDS in Burma has ignored the threat posed by tuberculosis. - more

Authorities destroy memorial for deceased opposition member

Mar 26, 2009 (DVB)–A stone monument built in memory of a former National League for Democracy chair was demolished by local government authorities on Tuesday, according to his family. - more

Soldiers Gather in Tri-Border Area to Erect Fences


Paletwa: Over 200 Burmese soldiers from two battalions gathered near the triangle border area of India, Burma, and Bangladesh last week to construct a fence, said a local monk in the area. full story

Retired Police Official Arrested for Connections with Exiled Media


Maungdaw: Retired police official U Mrat Tun was arrested by Burmese military intelligence last week while he was on his way to Buthidaung from the border town on Maungdaw, due to suspicion that he had links to an exiled media group in Bangladesh, said his friend. full story

Than Shwe Sets Guidelines for 2010 Polls

Burma's junta chief set some ground rules Friday for historic elections scheduled for 2010, calling on political parties to avoid smear campaigns and to remember it will take awhile to establish a "mature" democracy.

US Says Official’s Naypyidaw Talks Signals No Policy Shift

The US says Tuesday’s meeting between a State Department official and Burmese Foreign Minister Nyan Win does not signal a change in its Burma policy.

WTO: Protectionism on Rise, Endangering Recovery

The world is slipping dangerously into protectionism, threatening to strangle global economic recovery, the World Trade Organization said.

Thailand to Send Thousands of Hmong Back to Laos

Thailand will repatriate thousands of ethnic Hmong to Laos, despite concerns that the asylum-seekers will face political persecution.

Monks Protest Banning of 'Dharma Lectures'

Monks in upper Burma have launched a petition calling for an end to an official ban on so-called “dharma lectures” featuring the Buddha’s teachings.

Changes Proposed on US Economic Sanctions

A high-level US official tells a leading Burmese opposition group that some existing economic sanctions may be withdrawn while other targeted sanctions may remain in place.

Editorial, Opinion and Analysis

From ‘People’s Army’ to ‘Enemy of the People'

(Commentary) As Hegel said, “The only lesson we learn from history is that we do not learn from history.” One thing for sure, is that we Burmese have not le...

Exile Burmese news agency faces libel lawsuit

A Burmese political party – United Democratic Party of Myanmar (UDP) – said it has filed a defamation lawsuit against an exile Burmese News Agency for publishing “baseless accusations” against...

NLD urges US to talk with junta

Burma’s main opposition political party the National League for Democracy said it has urged the United States to initiate talks with the ruling junta as it believes “dialogue is the...

Daily Press Briefing
US Department of State - Washington,DC,USA
QUESTION: I would like to go back to Burma, to Myanmar. QUESTION: You said yesterday that – well, you issued a statement yesterday saying that there is no ...
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Senior US Diplomat Visits Myanmar
New York Times - United States
A State Department spokesman, Gordon Duguid, said Wednesday that the visit did not signal “a change in policy or approach to Burma,” and he stressed that a ...
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Suspected bomb blast in Burma
Radio Australia News - Melbourne,Australia
There are reports a suspected bombing has killed one person and injured two others in Burma's commercial hub Rangoon. Official sources say the explosion ...
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Thailand Offers To Mediate Burmese Talks
Journal of Turkish Weekly - Ankara,Turkey
An offer by Thailand to act as an intermediary between Burma's militarygovernment and the ethnic-Karen armed group the Karen National Union isbeing ...
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Thai Mediator Role: Foreign Minister needs in-depth study on Burma ...
Asian Tribune - Bangkok,Thailand
By Sai Wansai The core problem of the ethnic conflict in Burma is the successive military regimes, including the present State Peace and Development ...
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US official in rare Burma talks
BBC News - UK
A senior US official has held talks with Burma's junta on a visit to the military-ruled nation. State department official Stephen Blake met the Burmese ...
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China's grand bargain
Boston Globe - United States
On Burma, Clinton has admitted that US and European sanctions have accomplished little, and that the ruling military junta pays little attention to what the ...
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Washington Confirms Meeting with Burmese Officials
Voice of America - USA
By VOA News The US State Department has confirmed that a senior US official met with Burma's foreign minister and other officials during a trip to Burma ...
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US Government Official's Meetings in Burma
US Department of State - Washington,DC,USA
Question: Can you confirm that a US official (US Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Robert Blake) met with Burmese officials in Burma yesterday and does this ...
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Grieving relatives in a flooded area near Jakarta on 27 March, 2009
Dozens of people die after a dam bursts on the outskirts of the Indonesia capital Jakarta, flooding hundreds of homes.

US President Barack Obama is to unveil his new Afghan strategy, with thousands more troops expected to be sent.

Chinese officials are urgently seeking deadly radioactive material encased in a lead ball that was lost earlier this week.

US soldier with NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) patrols Farah province, (file photo)

US officials say the president's new approach is regional in scope and includes three elements: military action, diplomacy, and support for development

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