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NLD Marks Anniversary with Call for Dialogue

The National League for Democracy repeated its calls for dialogue and the release of political prisoners during a ceremony to mark an important Burmese military anniversary.

Than Shwe Sets Guidelines for 2010 Polls

Burma's junta chief set some ground rules Friday for historic elections scheduled for 2010, calling on political parties to avoid smear campaigns and to remember it will take awhile to establish a "mature" democracy.


Generals Go Marching Down Memory Lane

Some of Burma’s retired generals have been spending their retirement years writing autobiographies that make interesting, sometimes colorful but hardly illuminating reading.

Businessman Sentenced to One Year in Prison for Sharing Information


Maungdaw:A businessman from Maungdaw was sentenced to one year in prison by the Maungdaw district court on Monday for sending information to an exiled media group in Bangladesh, said a monk from Maungdaw. full story

Poet Kyi Aung dies

Mar 27, 2009 (DVB)-Renowned poet and active supporter of National League for Democracy, Kyi Aung died of heart disease at Mandalay general hospital today. - more

Monks protest against banning of ceremony

Mar 27, 2009 (DVB)–Buddhist monks in central Burma have launched a petition to protest against government restrictions that prevent them from freely conducting a traditional Burmese Buddhist ceremony. - more

Burma leader warns on democracy at parade

Mar 27, 2009 (AFP)—Burma junta chief Than Shwe urged political parties to shun foreign ideologies if they want democracy as the military put on a show of might at its annual parade today. - more

One dead in Rangoon blast

Mar 27, 2009 (AFP)–One person was killed and two others injured in a suspected bomb blast in Burma's commercial hub Rangoon today, on the eve of the country's annual military parade, official sources said. - more

Doctor warns tuberculosis is a greater threat than HIV/AIDS

Mar 26, 2009 (DVB)–A doctor from a leading medical fund has claimed that an over-emphasis on HIV/AIDS in Burma has ignored the threat posed by tuberculosis. - more

China, Burma to build cross border gas pipeline

China and Burma on Thursday signed four contracts, which included the construction of a cross border oil and gas pipeline, Burma’s state-run media said.

Speeding army truck crashes into bus

A speeding army truck collided with a passenger bus and then hit a lamp-post in the middle of the road, in downtown Rangoon, at about 2 pm, on Friday. The...

Editorial, Opinion and Analysis

Forgotten anti-fascist revolution day

(Editorial) Every time when spring is in the air in March; every time when we hear the mellifluous voice of the Koel (Eudymanys Scolopacea), the images of a his...

One killed, two injured in North Okkalapa blast

One person was killed and at least two others were injured in the bomb explosion in Rangoon on Thursday evening, local residents said. The blast occurred in Tawwinnan guest house...

TATA Motors to make trucks in Burma

India’s leading automaker TATA Motors on Thursday met Burmese Minister of Energy (2) Vice-Admiral Soe Thein, and held parleys on setting up a truck manufacturing unit in Burma, the state-run...

Hunt resumes for murdered yachtsman
The Press Association
Thai police arrested and charged three fishermen from neighbouring Burma on Tuesday with murder and robbery. Police said they confessed to climbing aboard ...
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TATA Motors to make trucks in Burma
Mizzima.com - New Delhi,Delhi,India
by Salai Pi Pi New Delhi (Mizzima) – India’s leading automaker TATA Motors on Thursday met Burmese Minister of Energy (2) Vice-Admiral Soe Thein, ...
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Three Burmese suspected in killing of British tourist
Mizzima.com - New Delhi,Delhi,India
Police arrested the three Burmese migrant workers on Wednesday aboard a raft about half a mile from the yacht. They remain in custody. ...
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Myanmar leader warns on democracy at parade
Wearing his uniform with medals on his chest, the 75-year-old junta chief, who has ruled Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, since 1992, inspected troops from ...
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World's inaction in Burma a crime
Irish Independent - Dublin,Ireland
While we should not be surprised that the Burmese authorities, notoriously one of the most repressive regimes in the world, abused their position, ...
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Burma: Meeting with Foreign Minister
US Department of State - Washington,DC,USA
Question: When was the last meeting between a US official and the Foreign Minister of Burma? Answer: Prior to March 24, our Charge d’Affaires in Rangoon, ...
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Exile Burmese news agency faces libel lawsuit
Mizzima.com - New Delhi,Delhi,India
by Salai Pi Pi New Delhi (Mizzima) – A Burmese political party – United Democratic Party of Myanmar (UDP) – said it has filed a defamation lawsuit against ...
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Anti-US protest in Chaman, near the Pakistan-Afghan border, 27 March 2009
US military officials say elements in Pakistan's military intelligence service still have ties to the Taleban and al-Qaeda militants.

Thousands of people are told to leave their homes as the Red River in the US Midwest surges to its highest level in 112 years.

Millions of people worldwide are being urged to switch off lights for an hour, in a major climate change protest.
President Barack Obama, accompanied by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, announces a new comprehensive strategy for Afghanistan and Pakistan, at the White House in Washington, 27 Mar 2009

Mr. Obama unveiled his new strategy Friday, calling situation "increasingly perilous" with insurgents controlling parts of both countries

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