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Demonstrators in front of Riot Police Guard Headquarters, Bangkok, 12 Apr 2009
Sun. 12 Apr 2009 1204 UTC

Thai Protesters Storm Interior Ministry, Reports of Gunfire as Thousands Protest

Demonstrators become angry and attacked a car believed to be carrying Thai PM Abhisit after singer and high profile protest leader Arisman Pongruengrong was taken into custody

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Capt. Richard Phillips of Underhill, Vt., is seen in this family photo released on 08 Apr 2009

Efforts Continue to Free US Captain From Somalia Pirates

US officials say the enclosed lifeboat carrying Richard Phillips and the Somali pirates was about 32 kilometers off the coast of Somalia as of early Sunday

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Four Militants Killed in Afghan Clash

US statement says troops were attacked by gunfire and rocket-propelled grenades while patrolling in Zabul province

Fadil Abbas arrives at a hospital in Iskandariyah, after being wounded in a suicide bombing in Iraq, 11 Apr 2009

US Coalition Soldier Killed in Iraq

Meantime, at least nine people have been killed and 30 others wounded in a suicide attack on US-allied Sunni militiamen Saturday

Demonstrators capture a Thai army tank in Bangkok
Soldiers appear in Bangkok after Thai authorities declared a state of emergency, a day after protests cancelled a summit.

Somali elders launch a fresh attempt to resolve the stand-off between the US navy and pirates holding a US captain hostage.

People made homeless by the recent earthquake in the Italian city of L'Aquila celebrate Easter Mass in tent cities.

Army ‘responsible for ensuring democratic transition’

Apr 12, 2009 (DVB)–Burma’s second-in-command has told new army recruits that it is their responsibility to ensure a smooth transition to democracy following next year’s scheduled elections, reported a state-run newspaper. - more

Opposition group refuses to disarm despite talks

Apr 11, 2009 (DVB)–A senior member of Burma’s principal armed opposition group has said they will refuse to lay down arms despite agreeing to talks with the government aimed at catalyzing progress towards reconciliation. - more

Demand for rubber leads to land confiscation and food shortages

Apr 11, 2009 (DVB)–China’s insatiable hunger for rubber has led to land confiscation and forced labour in eastern Burma as the ruling junta look to increase exports to its key trading partner, a report released this week said. - more


Nationalism is a Dangerous Poison

The deaths following clashes at Preah Vihear Temple stem from the manipulation of nationalism by politicians for their own self-interests.

Economic Crisis Puts Dampener on Burma’s Water Festival

The global economic crisis threatens to put a dampener on Buddhist New Year festivities, known as the water festival, which begin this weekend in Burma and other countries of Southeast Asia.

US and Australia Agree to Work on Burma Issue

The US and Australia have agreed to continue to work together to achieve a democratic Burma, following two-days of consultations.

“Thingyan Festival” - the sad side

Even as Burmese people across the country, swathed in a festive mood, look forward to the Burmese New Year and the rejuvenating water festival, a resident in Laputta town of...

ASEAN Summit begins amidst anti-Thai government protests

The Thailand Government has postponed the various ASEAN Summits along with dialogue sessions among partners, after hundreds of protesters stormed the hotel, the venue of...

Junta sentences six relief volunteers

A Special Court in the notorious Insein prison precincts in Rangoon on Friday, sentenced relief workers, who were helping victims of Cyclone Nargis, to prison terms ranging from two to...

NLD to hold nation-wide party meeting

Burma’s chief opposition party, the National League for Democracy (NLD), has called for a nation-wide party meeting, in a bid to discuss the ruling military junta’s Constitution

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