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Civilians leaving the combat zone. Picture from military video
Sri Lanka's military says at least 25,000 civilians have escaped from a Tamil Tiger-held area after the army smashed a fortification.

Diplomats walk out as Iran's president tells a UN conference on racism that Israel is a "racist government".

The father of a Slumdog Millionaire child actress denies trying to sell her in what he says was a "dirty" UK media operation.

Children smiling in New Brighton
People from a South African township on the issues affecting their lives and their votes

UN conference on racism remains divisive
Recalling the high school massacre 10 years on
Eye-catching images from around the world

A CanJet plane which has been hijacked by a gunman sits on the tarmac of the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay, 20 Apr 2009
Mon. 20 Apr 2009 0904 UTC

Jamaican Gunman Arrested After Holding Plane Crew Hostage

Jamaican Information Minister Daryl Vaz told CNN the standoff is over, and everyone is safe

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Video grab released by the Sri Lankan Air Force shows footage of what the air force claims to be civilians escaping the last remaining Tamil Tiger area in Mullaittivu, 20 Apr 2009

Sri Lankan Government Gives Rebels 24-Hour Deadline

Sri Lanka has accused the rebels of using civilians as human shields, while the Tamil rebels have accused the government of striking so-called safety-zones

IAEA chief Mohamed ElBaradei in Beijing, 20 Apr 2009

Top UN Nuclear Official Optimistic About North Korea, Iran Audio Clip Available

Head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Mohamed ElBaradei, believes only dialogue can resolve nuclear crisis

Rocket takes off from  Satish Dhawan space center at Sriharikota, 20 Apr 2009 (Indian Space Research Org handout)

India Launches High-Tech Imaging Satellite

Experts say Israeli-built satellite will allow India's security agencies to monitor military activities, movements of suspected terrorists

Police refuse to arrest attackers of opposition members

Apr 20, 2009 (DVB)–Police have told opposition party members who were attacked by a mob led by a government official that their assailants will not be arrested because government authorities have not permissed them to do so. - more

Burmese Soccer League an Election Ploy?

The inaugural Burmese professional football league is due to kick off in a few weeks. However, observers say it’s nothing more than a campaign tool for the 2010 election.

Thailand Extends State of Emergency in Capital

Authorities on Sunday extended a state of emergency in Thailand's capital, saying efforts to restore security were still incomplete after anti-government rioting last week and a brazen attack on a protest leader.


NLD Still Represents Moral Strength for the Powerless

As NLD prepares to hold a special meeting next week, it must remember that whether or not it agrees to participate in the 2010 election it will still represent moral strength for the country’s powerless.


Making Friends with Tyrants

US President Barack Obama’s efforts to redefine American foreign policy in the post-Bush era could have significant implications for US relations with Burma.

Burmese Army, DKBA Mount Four-Day Attack on KNU

A combined force of Burmese and pro-junta Karen troops began a sustained assault on the Karen National Liberation Army’s Battalion 201 last Thursday.

Weekly Business Roundup (April 20, 2009)

Burma is one of three countries of Asean to benefit from a Chinese financial package designed to reboot regional growth in the wake of the global slump.

Vietnam Announces Stimulus Plan to Help Farmers

Vietnam has announced an economic stimulus plan to help farmers who are among those worst affected by the global recession.

Leader of ethnic ceasefire group assassinated

A leader of the New Mon State Party (NMSP), an ethnic armed rebel group that has a ceasefire agreement with Burma’s ruling junta, was assassinated on Saturday by an unidentified...

Karen villagers facing food scarcity

Over 2,000 Karen villagers straddling the Thai-Burma border are finding it increasingly difficult to survive, trapped in a war zone with a lack of food security and further victimized by...

China pays lip service to Burmese junta: observer

China, saying it wishes to see political stability in Burma, is tantamount to paying lip-service as it does not care for genuine change because its stands to gain with the...

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