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US Gen. Stanley McChrystal (L) and U.S. Rear Admiral Gregory J. Smith (C) visit site of strike outside Kunduz, Afghanistan, 05 Sep 2009
Sat. 05 Sep 2009 1409 UTC

US General Visits Airstrike Site in Northern Afghanistan

In address on Afghan TV, General McChrystal promises to make results of investigation public

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Abdullah Abdullah (File photo)

Afghan Presidential Challenger Warns of Vote Fraud Consequences

Abdullah Abdullah urges international community to intervene, saying that if next leader is chosen through fraudulent vote, it could fuel instability in country

Mir Hossein Mousavi (file photo)

Iran's Mousavi Calls for Continued Protests

In statement on his official Web site, defeated presidential candidate urges supporters to take 'green path' they have followed in recent months by holding small, large gatherings

Hugo Chavez (file photo)

Chavez Meets with Ahmedinejad to Discuss Peaceful Nuclear Partnership

Venezuelan president, on two-day visit to Iran, says there is no proof Tehran is building a nuclear bomb

Partial view of charred debris of Roger Buttin Social and Sports Center owned by French oil company Total, set ablaze in Port Gentil, 05 Sep 2009

Gabon's Oil Hub Tense after Disputed Vote Audio Clip Available

French oil firm Total evacuates foreign workers from Port Gentil

The Superferry 9
A passenger ferry sinks off the Philippines killing at least three people, but more than 800 are rescued, coastguards say.

Gordon Brown did not press Libya to compensate victims of IRA attacks carried out with Libyan-supplied arms, the UK reveals.

Subtle branding on cigarette packets misleads smokers into believing some products are less harmful, research suggests.


Wa: The Regime’s Next Target?

After capturing the Kokang capital with relative ease, the question on everybody’s lips is: will the Burmese military regime now go after the Wa army?

Security Tight on Anniversary of Monk-led Uprising

Burmese authorities are on the alert against any attempt to revive memories of the Saffron Revolution, which began two years ago today.

Burma’s Attack against Ethnics Poses China Dilemma

Preoccupied with ethnic tensions in Tibet and Xinjiang, Beijing was caught off guard by the Burmese regime’s decision to use force against armed ethnic groups.

Weekly Business Roundup (September 5, 2009)

The northern end of the planned pipeline to carry gas from the Bay of Bengal to China is likely to pass through the Kokang region of Shan State where junta forces have been fighting local ethnic militia, say observers.

More Chinese Flee Burma as Kokang Remain Stranded in China

Hundreds of Chinese immigrants living in Burma continue to flee across the border into China, where tens of thousands of refugees have been stranded since early last week.

KIO holds emergency mass rally

The Kachin Independence Organization (KIO), under mounting pressure from the Burmese military junta to transform its armed wing into a Border Guard Force (BGF), is holding...

Editorial, Opinion and Analysis

Halt war on ethnic nationalities immediately

(Editorial) The Burmese military junta is relentlessly mounting pressure on ceasefire groups to amalgamate them under the total control of the Burmese Army. The...

Former air force officer sentenced to two years

A retired air force Captain Zaw Nyunt, who demonstrated alone demanding the release of Aung San Suu Kyi, while she was on trial, was sentenced to two years in prison...

Political prisoners on the rise in Burma: AAPP

Increasing international pressure for the release of pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi and other political prisoners, notwithstanding the number of ‘Prisoners of Conscience’ has...

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