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Iraqi boy and UK soldier in Basra, Iraq - 17/12/2008
The UK "distanced itself" from talk of removing Saddam Hussein in early 2001 despite the threat he posed, the Iraq inquiry is told.

China executes tainted milk pair
China executes two people over a scandal involving tainted milk powder that resulted in six children dying, state media say.

HIV infections and deaths drop
The death toll from HIV-Aids has dropped by 10% thanks to greater access to powerful drugs, latest figures show.

Beware of the Generals’ Elections

It will take more than a rigged election in 2010 to bring real change to Burma.

Top Generals Hold Final meeting of 2009

Commanders of the Burmese armed forces (the Tatmadaw) have began their final meeting of 2009 in Naypyidaw, with the proposed 2010 election reportedly high on the agenda


Selection Time Precedes Election Time in Burma

Preparations for the 2010 election include selection of the generals Than Shwe needs to ensure a “safe passage” into retirement.

Stop Arresting Cyclone Aid Activists: AI

Amnesty International has called for the Burmese government to stop harassment of cyclone aid activists.

Swiss Film to Show Life in Refugee Camp

A Swiss film director has completed shooting in Thailand on a film that shows the effects of refugee life in camps along the Burma-Thailand border.

Karen Refugee Tells of Life in Australia

After 23 years in refugee camps, Eh Payu Say and her family were resettled to Australia in 2007. But life, she says, is still hard.

Ethnic conflict in Burma demands ‘renewed focus’

Nov 24, 2009 (DVB)–International involvement in Burma’s domestic crises has to date had little effect on resolving ongoing ethnic conflict in the country, an influential British think tank said yesterday. - more

Burmese navy captures Taiwanese fishing boats

Nov 24, 2009 (DVB)–Scores of fishermen on board four Taiwanese boats captured by the Burmese navy last week are reportedly being held in Rangoon’s notorious Insein prison, with Taiwanese embassy staff yet to visit. - more

Australian aid to Burma eyed with caution

Nov 24, 2009 (DVB)–Experts have warned that the impact of a pledge by the Australian government to provide increased aid to Burma may be dampened by rampant state corruption in the country. - more

Japan calls for Burma refugee support

Nov 24, 2009 (DVB)–The Japanese prime minister has called on the United Nations refugee agency to assist in the resettlement to Japan of Burmese refugees currently in camps along the Thai-Burma border. - more

Thai officials rescue Burmese workers

Fifty four Burmese workers believed to be victims of human traffickers were rescued after Thai officials raided a frozen seafood factory in Trang Province, southern...

AI urges Int’l donors to pressurize junta

The Amnesty International on Tuesday urged international donors, meeting in Bangkok this week, to pressurize Burma’s military junta to put a halt to harassment of activists...

Chin assembly opposes junta’s elections

While opposing the Burmese junta’s planned 2010 elections, the Chin National Council in exile on Monday said it will urge voters to selectively vote for pro-democracy candidates,...

Burma to commission ‘Ye’ hydro-power project in December

The Burmese Ministry of Electric Power (1) will commission the Ye village hydro-power project in December, billed as the biggest in the country. “We will begin operating one turbine of......

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