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Robert Gates

U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates speaks to workers at the US Embassy in the Green Zone in Baghdad, Iraq, 10 Dec 2009

US Defense Secretary Warns Iran of New Sanctions

Remarks, made as Robert Gates visits Iraq, come as other Western leaders are also warning of possible sanctions

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U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates

Gates Says US Air Force May Remain in Iraq Beyond 2011

US defense secretary spoke to US troops at Forward Operating Base Warrior, near Kirkuk, northern Iraq

Philippines hostages
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A hostage-taker walks past villagers taken as hostages by Joebert "Ondo" Perez, unseen, and his group of former government militiamen at a remote village in Prosperidad township, Agusan del Sur province in southern Philippines, 11 Dec 2009

Philippine Kidnapping Gang Frees 9 Hostages, Still Holds 48

Hostages were among 75 people seized Thursday from a school in Agusan del Sur province

U.S. President Barack Obama's special envoy on North Korea, Stephen Bosworth, answers a reporter's questions during a press briefing after returning from North Korea at the Foreign Ministry in Seoul, South Korea, 10 Dec 2009
Photo: AP

U.S. President Barack Obama's special envoy on North Korea, Stephen Bosworth, answers a reporter's questions during a press briefing after returning from North Korea at the Foreign Ministry in Seoul, South Korea, 10 Dec 2009

North Korean Assessment of US Visit Seen as Positive in South Korea

US envoy Stephen Bosworth spent

Power station in Greece (file image)
EU leaders agree to pay 7.2bn euros over three years to a global warming fund, in a deal they hope may boost world efforts.

Shell wins Iraq oil field rights
A consortium led by Shell wins the rights to develop Iraq's giant Majnoon oil field, while another contract is given to a Chinese firm.

Cyprus ex-leader's corpse stolen
Thieves steal the corpse of Tassos Papadopoulos, the former president of the Republic of Cyprus, police say.

A non-violent movement could not have halted Hitler's armies. Negotiations cannot convince al Qaeda's leaders to lay down their arms.
—US President Barack Obama, commenting on military action in his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech

Chinese, Burmese Military Leaders Discuss Border Security

A senior Chinese army officer has held talks in Naypyidaw with a Burmese military leader on efforts to ensure stability on the Sino-Burmese border.

Obama Warns Dictators of 'Consequences' in Nobel Acceptance Speech

US President Barack Obama's Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech singles out Burma's repressive regime and honors fellow laureate Aung San Suu Kyi for her commitment to democratic reform.

UN Urged to Investigate Junta's Crimes Against Humanity

A total of 442 members of parliaments from 29 countries call for the UN Security Council to form a commission of inquiry to investigate war crimes and crimes against humanity in Burma.

Nobel Speech Places Obama Within Realist-Liberal Tradition

In formally accepting the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo Thursday, US President Barack Obama enunciated a worldview that places him squarely within the realist and liberal internationalist thinking.

Exiled Media Brace for 2010 Election Challenge

A promised election in military-ruled Burma next year will be held in a vastly different media culture compared to the last general election in 1990, Burmese journalists said at a regional media forum.

‘Judiciary system’, junta’s arm for abuses: Rights group

Decades of exploitation by the rulers has led to Burma’s once assertive and independent judiciary system being reduced into an arm of the bureaucracy, resulting in lack of...

Burma: world’s fifth worst jailer of freelance journalists

Military-ruled Burma has been ranked the world’s fifth worst country in terms of imprisoning freelance journalists, while its closest ally, China, is number one, according to a new report......

UNSC urged to investigate junta’s ‘Crime against Humanity’

On International Human Rights Day, 442 Members of Parliament from 29 countries on Thursday urged the United Nations Security Council to set up a commission of...

Burma seeks investment from Bangladesh

Burma has proposed to Bangladesh to set up joint-venture industries and agricultural farms in Burma to utilize its huge workforce and Burmese land. Burmese Ambassador to Bangladesh...

Burma can benefit from a rapidly developing China

Burma needs to reorient its economy and business environment in order to deal with and gain from economic challenges and opportunities resulting from China’s economic boom,...

Chin refugees subjected to local discrimination in India: Report

Washington-based advocacy group Refugee International on Wednesday said Burmese refugees in India are subjected to widespread discrimination because of India’s lack of...
British govt launches innovative Burma campaign

Dec 11, 2009 (DVB)–The British government has teamed up with two prominent rights groups to highlight the story of Burma’s political prisoners in a bid to pressure the ruling junta as it prepares for elections next year. - more

Two farmers handed 7-year sentence

Dec 11, 2009 (DVB)–Two farmers involved in a land dispute in Burma which was taken up by the International Labour Organisation were yesterday given seven-year prison sentences. - more

US citizen was ‘visiting cancer sick mother’

Dec 11, 2009 (DVB)–The Burmese-born US citizen standing trial in Burma on charges of fraud had flown to the country to visit his mother, who is sick with cancer, his wife wrote today in The Nation newspaper. - more

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