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President Barack Obama boards Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base on his way to Copenhagen, 17 Dec 2009
Photo: AP

President Barack Obama boards Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base on his way to Copenhagen, 17 Dec 2009

President Obama Heads to Copenhagen as Climate Conference Draws to Close

Mr. Obama will join leaders of over 100 other nations for final day of UN Climate Change conference

Pakistan's Defense Minister Ahmed Mukhtar (file photo)
Photo: AP

Pakistan's Defense Minister Ahmed Mukhtar (file photo)

Pakistan's Defense Minister Barred From Leaving Country

Earlier, two suspected US drone attacks in tribal areas along Afghan-Pakistan border reportedly killed at least 17 people

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke
Photo: AP

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke (file photo)

Senate Panel Votes to Confirm Bernanke for Second Term

Move to approve nomination of chairman for second term as head of US central bank paves way for vote by full Senate in January

U.S. President Barack Obama (l) and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev  outside the Kremlin, 07 Jul7, 2009
Photo: AP

U.S. President Barack Obama (l) and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev outside the Kremlin, 07 Jul7, 2009

Obama, Medvedev to Discuss Arms Deal in Copenhagen

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov Thursday accused US negotiators of slowing down talks

China's Vice Foreign Minister He Yafei (Image: AFP)
A deal at the UN climate summit looks more likely after a frantic day of diplomacy, as China offers to make concessions.

Travel ban for Pakistani minister
Pakistan's defence minister says he has been stopped from leaving the country as a result of a corruption inquiry.

Deepest volcano caught on video
Extraordinary video is obtained in the Pacific Ocean of the deepest undersea volcano eruption ever recorded.

We hope this is a step towards a meeting between Aung San Suu Kyi and the entire Central Executive Committee of the National League for Democracy.
—US State Department Spokesman Ian Kelly

Oslo's Message for Burma

US President Barack Obama was right when he told the Nobel Peace Prize audience in Oslo that nonviolence can't defeat the armed forces of a repressive regime.

Stiglitz Advises Regime to Use Oil and Gas Revenues Wisely

Nobel Economics Laureate Joesph Stiglitz has told a forum in the Burmese capital, Naypyidaw, that revenues from oil and gas, if well used, could open up a new era for the country.

Than Shwe to Meet Chinese Vice President

China's Vice President Xi Jinping will meet with Junta Supremo Than Shwe during a scheduled two-day visit to Burma this weekend.

Call to Reorganize NLD Garners Support, Questions

NLD leaders embrace Aung San Suu Kyi's call to reorganize Burma's most prestigious opposition party, while raising questions about timing and and other matters.

Thai Government Urged to Investigate 'Long Neck' Tourist Village

The Thai government is being urged to investigate a businessman who allegedly moved more than 20 Padaung so-called “long necks” from their homes in northern Thailand to become a tourist attraction near Chiang Mai.

US Welcomes Suu Kyi Meeting with NLD Leaders

The US has welcomed the Burmese regime's decision to allow opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi to meet three senior members of her National League for Democracy and has urged the junta to enter “genuine dialogue” with all the country's stakeholders.

‘Economics and politics inseparable’, Stiglitz tells Burma
Nobel Laureate Prof. Joseph Stiglitz said Burma needs an all inclusive economic process ...
ADB will not expand TFFP in Burma
Ethnic Karen in Rangoon and Karen State on Wednesday celebrated their New Year in ...
Bomb kills six on restive Burma border

Dec 18, 2009 (AFP)–Six people have been killed and 12 injured when a time bomb exploded in Burma’s restive Karen state on Wednesday night, an official told AFP Thursday. - more

Is Stiglitz speaking the obvious to deaf ears?


Dec 17, 2009 (DVB)–The renowned US economist Joseph Stiglitz has spelt out a path to revive Burma, ‘the rice bowl of Asia’, with doses of the obvious that appear diametrically opposed to the policies of the ruling junta. - more

Swiss bank fined $536mln for Burma ties

Dec 17, 2009 (DVB)–A Swiss banking giant has been fined $US536 million after being found guilty of violating US sanctions through years of undetected transactions with so-called “rogue” regimes, such as Burma. - more

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