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Chinese police officers
Photo: AP

Chinese police officers look up at a hill side where journalists gathered overlooking a building where British citizen Akmal Shaikh was executed near the Xishan detention center in western China's Urumqi province, 29 Dec 2009

China Executes British Citizen

Fifty-three-year-old Akmal Shaikh was arrested in China's Xinjiang region carrying about four kilograms of heroin in September 2007

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Akmal Shaikh
China has executed a Briton convicted of drug smuggling and who was reportedly mentally ill, the Foreign Office confirms.

Russia 'must match US defences'
Russia needs "to develop offensive weapons systems" to maintain balance with the US, PM Vladimir Putin says.

Sheen 'threatened to kill wife'
Actor Charlie Sheen put a knife to his wife's throat and threatened to kill her in a fight that began over Christmas, she tells police.

Thailand and Malaysia Move to Mend Fences

The Muslim insurgency in Thailand's south has taken a toll on relations with neighboring Malaysia, but now both countries are striving to repair their ties.

One Doctor for Every 7,314 Prisoners

Burma's prison health care system offers what is arguably the worse medical care in the world.

Court Postpones Jailed US Citizen's Trial

A Burmese court has postponed the case against Nyi Nyi Aung, the detained Burmese-born American Citizen, to Jan.1

Will DKBA Join Border Guard Force?

The DKBA is still stalling on officially accepting the junta's border guard force plan, and some observers believe there is dissent its the ranks.

Western Instruments Outlawed from Traditional Orchestras

Burma's Ministry of Culture has ordered the country's traditional Saing orchestras not to use western musical instruments—a move likely to reduce the popularity of many of the groups.

Thailand Deports Hmong Asylum Seekers to Laos

US, UN and human rights groups state that at least 158 of the Hmong asylum seekers who had been recognized as refugees by UNHCR were deported.

Burma frees over hundred foreign fishermen
Burma has freed over hundred detained fishermen from Indonesia, Taiwan and ...
Burma agrees to accept 9,000 Rohingya
The Burmese junta has agreed to take back 9,000 Rohingya refugees from Bangladesh ...
China-Burma agree on oil pipeline project Whereas India failed miserably in its gas pipeline diplomacy with Bangladesh, ...
Burma affairs forum to be held in Rangoon A lesser known pro-democracy group, comprising former student activists is ...
Burma releases four Taiwan fishermen

Dec 29, 2009 (AFP)– Burma has freed four Taiwanese fishermen held in detention for over a month for alleged illegal fishing, a Taipei official said Monday, after a fine was paid to secure their release. - more

Thai-Burma border radio to launch

Dec 29, 2009 (DVB)–A daily one-hour radio programme will be aired by a local youth network on the Thai-Burma border, to educate and promote awareness on child rights, the group said. - more

Confronting the absence of law

Dec 28, 2009 (DVB)–Few countries’ legal systems are as corrupt and opaque as Burma’s. We spoke to Scott Leckie, director of Displacement Solutions, about their new book on housing, land and property rights (HLP) in Burma. - more

Gov reshuffle a ‘diplomatic offensive’

Dec 28, 2009 (DVB)–Around 30 high-ranking Burmese embassy officials have been reshuffled in what could be a diplomatic offensive prior to 2010 elections, said a former military intelligence officer. - more

Unusual army deployment raises eyebrows

Dec 28, 2009 (DVB)–The deployment of Burmese troops to an area near to Burma’s border with China has raised suspicions of mistrust of a recently formed border guard force in the region. - more

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