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Iceland is to hold a referendum on controversial plans to pay Icesave compensation to the UK and Dutch governments.

Iran 'curbs foreign co-operation'
Iran bans co-operation with 60 foreign groups, saying they are trying to destabilise the government, state media says.
Diabetes link to quitting smoking
Giving up smoking sharply increases the risk of developing type-two diabetes, a US study suggests.

No Indications of Restoration of Democracy: US

The US State Department says that it has not seen any move from Burma's military government to restore democracy in the country.

Dental Patient Dies at Top Rangoon Hospital

An eldely patient dies while undergoing dental surgery at Asia Royal hospital.

Norwegian Journalist Killed

Norwegian journalist Torgeir Norling was killed in a road accident in Bangkok on Sunday morning.

Tatmadaw 'Using Australian Radio Technology'

Burma's armed forces, the Tatmadaw, are using Australian radio technology despite a Canberra arms embargo, according to a Sydney-based newspaper.

Suspect in Philippine Massacre Pleads Not Guilty

The scion of a powerful political clan accused of leading last year's massacre of 57 journalists and members of a rival's family pleaded not guilty Tuesday on the first day of his trial.

Bangladesh hands over strayed Burmese soldier
Bangladesh has handed over a Burmese soldier who strayed into Bangladeshi territory back to Burma. The Bangladeshi army ...
Another 20-year prison term for undercover reporter Hla Hla Win
The Pakokku District court gave another 20-year prison term to an undercover female
Elections in Burma in 2010: Than Shwe
On the 62nd anniversary of Burma’s Independence Day today, the Burmese
Economist urges reforms and transparency
A leading Burmese scholar has urged institutional reforms after the advent of ...
Burma must win ‘second independence’

Jan 5, 2010 (DVB)–Independence Day was marked by the opposition in Burma yesterday with calls for strength and unity in the “struggle to win the second independence” from military rule, an opposition politician said. - more

UN chief praises ‘support’ from junta

Jan 5, 2010 (DVB)–The UN secretary general yesterday congratulated the head of Burma’s ruling junta on the country’s 62nd Independence Day anniversary and extolled the general’s “support” for UN goals. - more

Low-income workers to receive pay hike

Jan 5, 2010 (DVB)–Low-earning public service personnel in Burma are to receive a pay hike that could in some cases more than double their salary, according to government officials in Rangoon. - more

US sceptical on Burma elections

Jan 5, 2010 (AFP)–The United States has voiced doubts on whether Burma's upcoming elections would be credible and urged the military regime to engage the opposition and ethnic minorities. - more

Burma junta confirms elections

Jan 4, 2010 (AFP)–Military-ruled Burma's junta chief urged people on Monday to make "correct choices" at national elections to be held this year, in a message to mark the country's 62nd independence anniversary.

 - more

Locals tortured following Karen defection

Jan 4, 2010 (DVB)–A pro-junta Karen army in eastern Burma have kidnapped a village chief and tortured locals after several of its members defected to an opposition group, locals say. - more

Xinjiang Bans Separatist Talk


China's restive northwest gets a new law.

Jailed Dissident Appeals


A Chinese pro-democracy activist appeals his sentence for “subversion of state power.”

Power Shift in Sight

North Korean leader Kim Jong Il’s favored third son is said to have new powe

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