Education Sector (Annuouncement of Burmese Migrant Teachers' Association ,Thai- Burma border)


We are happy to announce that the Burmese Migrant Teachers’ Association  published an education, news and art journal title the Wisdom Journal.  Volume 1, Issue no. 1 will be published in Burmese.
We are also seeking volunteers who can assist with English editing for future issues of the WISDOM Journal, as well as with the BMTA newsletter.
The journal will contain articles by teachers, school children, as well as articles on various issues.  It will also contain education updates and news, as well as cartoons and poems.
The front cover of the current issue is a photo of a young migrant school child with a painting of her done by a volunteer painter at the World Children’s Day celebrations in Mae Sot, Thailand, organized by community based organizations (CBOs), including the BMTA, on the Thai-Burma border.
The back cover page of the first issue of the Wisdom Journal has two paintings by migrant school children, both paintings contain the slogan “Stop child abuse” .
If you would like more information about BMTA or have any other questions please visit our website at www.bmta05.wordpress.com or email us at bmta05@gmail.com.
WISDOM Journal Cover pages
WISDOM Journal Back  pages

Library Request from BMTA

Dear Friends,

We would like to request your support for a library project we are establishing at Pa Yang Taung School for migrant children in Mae Sot, Tak Province.
Pa Yang Taung is a school for migrant and displaced Burmese children in Thailand.  The school was originally located in Karen State, Burma. However, the area it was located in was attacked by the SPDC (Burmese military) and the DKBA (a proxy armed force of the SPDC) in 2005 and abandoned.  The security situation in the area has not improved and the school was relocated just over the Thai side of the border.
Fighting along the border in Burma has reintensified this year and more displaced people have come across the border, many seeking medical care, education opportunities for their children and employment.  As the need has increased along the border, Pa Yang Taung has seen an increase in the number of students attending the school.  The school currently has 185 students, 155 of whom board at the school.  The students are mostly Karen and their families generally live in IDP (internally displaced persons) areas across the border in Karen State. Read more.....

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