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Jailed Activist's Wife Tells Story


A woman who has endured the hardship of caring for several jailed relatives talks about life as the member of an activist family.


Daughter of Burma's ex-military strongman freed

The military government released the daughter of Burma's long time strongman Ne Win from house-arrest on Friday morning, according to the BBC. 56 year-old Sandar Win was arrested in her...
BBC News
Ne Win's daughter freed in Burma
BBC News - UK
Burma's military government has freed the daughter of the late leader, Ne Win, who has been under house arrest for more than six years, friends said. ...
Daughter of Myanmar ex-dictator released
eTaiwan News - Taiwan
Ne Win ruled Burma _ as Myanmar was then known _ with an iron fist after taking over in a military coup from 1962 until 1988, when the stirrings of a ...
The UN must not admit defeat under the military dictators of Burma
Asian Tribune - Bangkok,Thailand
But the article seems strange to people of Burma. In this country under the military rule, even possessing of a UDHR booklet may send a citizen into jail ...
Jackson Diehl: The door that Bush kept open
Arizona Republic - Phoenix,AZ,USA
While many of those who have gotten his attention come from countries with regimes that are hostile to the United States, such as Belarus and Burma, ...
Illegal elephant trade flourishes in Burma: TRAFFIC
Mizzima.com - New Delhi,Delhi,India
by Salai Pi Pi New Delhi (Mizzima) – With at least 250 elephants and ivory being smuggled out of Burma in a decade, the Southeast Asian nation faces a sharp ...

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Ne Win's daughter freed in Burma
Burma's military government has freed the daughter of the late leader, Ne Win, who has been under house arrest for more than six years, friends said.The woman, Sandar Win, was detained with her father in 2002 over an alleged plot to ...
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Tay Za: Recession Taking a Toll
By MIN LWIN | Tay Za, one of Burma's richest businessmen, met with senior executives of his Htoo Trading Co Ltd and affiliated companies on December 3 and told them that the global recession was severely affecting the country's business ...
UN seeks medical funds for Burma cyclone victims
The United Nations has asked the international community for more funds for the health needs of victims of Cyclone Nargis in Burma.
The Burma Campaign UK: The Dirty List - Companies Supporting the ...
By Maryann S.
In response to calls from Burma's democracy movement, the Burma Campaign UK and other campaign groups around the world have been pressuring companies to sever business ties with Burma. Please contact one or more of the companies on the ...
MYANMAR-THAILAND: Child trafficking continues, but not fuelled by ...
By moderator(moderator)
MAE SOT, 11 December 2008 (IRIN) - When Cyclone Nargis hit Myanmar in May, leaving close to 140000 people dead or missing, aid workers feared an increase in child trafficking from the region. Burmese children have long been trafficked ...

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