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- Envoy to Myanmar to visit China and tour Asian nations click
- Myanmar terminates some publications for failure to register click
- Burma refugees are welcomed by youths click
- DPRK vows to strengthen ties with Myanmar click
- Greetings to Myanmar on national day click
- Brussels talks human rights with Beijing click
- A call for a non-violent defence to help humanity click
- National Day of Myanmar click
- Test Bench: Walking boots click
Leading saffron monk's memoir
Mizzima.com - New Delhi,Delhi,India
Buddhist monks gave council to past monarchs, ranging from the first King Anawrahta of unified Burma in Bagan, to the last King Mindon and his son King ...
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Burma: life behind bars
Radio Netherlands - Netherlands
by Phil Thornton Living and working in Burma is tough. Writing stories and poetry, telling jokes or criticising the military regime risks a Draconian jail ...
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New Year’s Resolutions for the NLD
The Irrawaddy News Magazine - Chiang Mai,Thailand
Take, for starters, the case of the 2100 political prisoners languishing in Burma’s jails—234 of whom were arrested during or after the nationwide protests ...
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Perseverance can pay off
London Free Press - Canada
They were 17 families from Burma, first transplanted to a refugee camp in Thailand where many of their children had been born and raised. ...
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Myanmar frees 19 North Korean defectors
United Press International - USA
The defectors were sent to neighboring Thailand, the Voice of America reported, quoting authorities in Myanmar, formerly called Burma. ...
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Weekly Business Roundup (January 02, 2009)
The Irrawaddy News Magazine - Chiang Mai,Thailand
By WILLIAM BOOT BANGKOK — 2008 saw a surge in foreign companies doing business in Burma despite US and European Union sanctions, observers and activists say ...
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US Allots Quota from East Asian Refugees
조선일보(영문판) - South Korea
The US has set a quota of refugees at 80000 for 2009, 19000 of them from East Asia, including North Korea, China, Tibet, and Burma. ...
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Burma: The ongoing tragedy next door
เดอะ เนชั่น - Thailand
By The Nation It is interesting to watch how the situation in Burma develops, as well as the behaviour and thinking of the key stakeholders, especially the ...
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Response or thoughts after Sit Mone’s New Year article « San Oo ...
(So it is more important to try to be good and avoid sins by onself. There is no one to depend on for salvation or forgiveness.) But for some Mahayanas, their concept of god is similar to ours. Filed under: Burma ...
San Oo Aung's Weblog - http://sanooaung.wordpress.com/
CRPP backs NLD’s call for national reconciliation « democracy for ...
... AAPP Press Release 29.12.2008 · Burma’s Bleak Prospect in 2009 NEWS ANALYSIS · “Let's unite for Democratic Federal Union of Burma” Global Action for Burma : Second Struggle for National Independence · 2009 Burma Freedom Calendar ...
democracy for burma - http://democracyforburma.wordpress.com/
'Behind The News' by Widescreen: Timeline of major world events in ...
By 'Widescreen'
May- Cyclone Nargis rips through the Irrawaddy Delta and Rangoon in Burma, killing upto146,000 people and leaving hundreds of thousands more homeless. Burma's military junta is heavily criticised for its handling of the disaster, ...
'Behind The News' by Widescreen - http://widescreen-btn.blogspot.com/
World focus on Burma (2 January 2008) « Save Burma
Burma cyclone heightens country’s misery and isolation. Myanmar’s rigid military rulers, whose violent suppression of Buddhist monks’ protests in September … Year 2009 will see end of terrorism. Ceylon Daily News, Sri Lanka - ...
Save Burma - http://antidictatorship.wordpress.com/
Indian Sawaal-latest news,indian news,daily news,live news ,news ...
By sharad
Bangladesh and Burma are 12th,srilanka is 20th ,while bhutan is 51st. We cant change our neighbours. But instability in all these countries do effect us too. Its easy to say india is shinning ,india is growing but we need to make this ...
Indian Sawaal-latest news,indian... - http://indiansawaal.blogspot.com/

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