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When the Market Speaks

The sharp fall in oil prices on world markets has created a unique situation in Burma, where the cost of fuel on the black market is now lower than at government-controlled pumps.
A Burmese woman smokes a cheroot in her ramshackle home. (Photo: Yuzo/The Irrawaddy)

East Timor President Calls for Review of Burma Sanctions Policy

Jose Ramos-Horta has urged Western countries to reconsider their sanctions against Burma, saying they punish ordinary people for the actions of their leaders.

Messenger in the Dark

The Burmese artist Chaw Ei Thein talks about the challenges of Burma’s artists, at home and abroad, and describes her own role as that of a “messenger.”

New Bangkok Governor has Big Plans

The newly elected Bangkok governor, representing the Democrat Party, says he will tackle the city’s economic, transportation and water problems.

Warrants Issued for Santika Owner, Manager

Thai court issues arrest warrants for nightclub owner, manager over New Year's Eve blaze.

Two Singaporeans defending Burmese workers arrested
Mizzima.com - New Delhi,Delhi,India
Seelan Palay and Chong Kai Xiong, who were demonstrating outside the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) office in Singapore, to highlight the plight of Burmese ...
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The Irrawaddy News Magazine
East Timor President Calls for Review of Burma Sanctions Policy
The Irrawaddy News Magazine - Chiang Mai,Thailand
By WAI MOE East Timor President Jose Ramos-Horta criticized the West’s sanction policy on Burma on Sunday, saying that the country’s people should not be ...
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New Bangkok Governor has Big Plans
The Irrawaddy News Magazine - Chiang Mai,Thailand
Sukhumbhand Paribatra has also been a strong critic of the military regime in Burma. The Democrat Party-led coalition won 20 of the 29 House seats in the ...
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Palestinians flee their homes in Gaza City (12.1.09)Israelis 'edge into urban Gaza'

Israeli forces move slowly into Gaza's most densely populated areas, reports say, but the military denies an escalation.

Palestinians run from the area during an Israeli airstrike in Rafah, southern Gaza Strip, 12 Jan 2009
Updated: Mon. 12 Jan 2009 1501 UTC

Israeli Bombing Continues, Palestinian Death Toll Tops 900

Israel attacks Gaza from the air and from the sea, as ground troops battle militants in house-to-house combat, edging closer to the center of Gaza City

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Man Arrested Smuggling Fertilizer to Burma
Narinjara News - Dhaka,Bangladesh
Dhaka: Fertilizer prices recently went down in Burma, but Bangladeshi traders continue to export fertilizer products to Burma illegally by sea. ...
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Burma needs reform, unified and balanced structure
Mizzima.com - New Delhi,Delhi,India
by Htet Win Rangoon (Mizzima) Burma is in urgent need of mainstream political figures who are capable of shaping unified public opinion, which will allow ...
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"International Artists Collaborate in Fight for Freedom"
Absolutearts.com - USA
... a key political figure who was placed under house arrest in Myanmar (formerly Burma) 19 years ago over her bid for political freedom. ...
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Not standing up and being counted on Burma
Manila Times - Philippines
THE Philippines missed out on a gilt-edged chance to make a principled stand on the burning question of Myanmar—or Burma as the civilized world remembers ...
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Burma needs reform, unified and balanced structure - Commentary · 8888 Newspaper No (3) - Mandalay 8888 Newspaper No (4) - Mandalay 2/3.9.88 Niknayman · Voices on attempt to form of New Parallel Gov in Exile (2) VDO Mizzima TV ...
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Karen rebels under the gun along Thai-Burma border | MOTHER IRRAWADDY
Posted by: admin in Feature, News. DKBA head Saw Kyaw San. DKBA head Saw Kyaw Than. Burma’s ethnic Karen rebels are facing another daunting challenge, as a Burmese military campaign designed to hunt out opposition forces and put an end ...
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Religious Connections: Persecution in Burma
By BaptistPlanet
The latest news on Obama Elected President, Unemployment, Gaza-Ceasefire, Gaza-Humanitarian Crisis, Economic Stimulus, Home Loans, Labor, War Resister Ordered Out, Nuclear Weapons, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, Passing, and Select Op-eds. ...
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Singapore News Alternative: Taiwan Allows Casinos After Repealing ...
By singaporenewsalternative
Two local activists, Seelan Palay & Chong Kai Xiong, arrested outside MOM for speaking out on Burmese work permit issue - This blogpost (or my twitter) will be updated if i get any news. Plainclothes police officers keep watch and block ...
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