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Rohingya Refugees Appear in Thai Court, Face Extradition

Sixty two Rohingya boat people from Burma appeared before a court in Thailand’s southern Ranong province on Wednesday, facing repatriation if convicted of entering Thailand illegally.

UN: Burma Faces Food Crisis

Burma faces food shortages in many parts of the country, largely due to last year's cyclone and a rat infestation that destroye

Danish Minister Visits Burma

A minister from Denmark visits Burma, going against the European Union common policy of barring high-level visits.

Tensions Between Wa, Junta Continue to Rise

Relations between the Burmese regime and the United Wa State Army are growing increasingly strained after a Burmese delegation was forced to disarm before entering Wa territory.

Chins Face Human Rights Abuses: HRW

Human Rights Watch has accused the Burmese junta and Chin rebels of carrying out widespread abuses and repression against Chin villagers.

‘Second Chance City’ Welcomes another Leading Burmese Monk

Secretly, singly or in small groups, Burmese monks who led the September 2007 uprising and then escaped the regime crackdown are leaving their hideout in Thailand and making their way to new lives in the US.

CNF denies abusing rights documented by HRW

The Chin National Army, the armed wing of ethnic the Chin rebel group – the Chin National Front - on Wednesday vehemently denied accusations of abusing the rights of Chin...

Junta steps up military presence in Arakan

The Burmese military junta is constructing a military airbase for jet fighters near Buthidaung town, in Burma's western Arakan, state sources said. Khaing Mrat Kyaw, editor of Arakan news agency...

Junta summons Aung San Suu Kyi's lawyer to Naypyitaw

Detained pro-democracy icon Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's lawyer said he was summoned to the attorney-general's office in Burma's new jungle capital, Naypyitaw,...

China slow down hits Burmese mining

Like most other sectors that earn Burma hard currency, the mining sector is likely to crash given the slow down in China, which has dramatically brought down mineral and metal...

Burmese Boat People Arrive in Thailand Bearing Scars of Abuse ...
Voice of America - USA
By Daniel Schearf More boat people from Burma have arrived in Thailand with stories of abuse, this time allegedly commited by the Burmese military. ...
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The Irrawaddy News Magazine
Danish Minister Visits Burma
The Irrawaddy News Magazine - Chiang Mai,Thailand
By WAI MOE Danish Development Minister Ulla Toraes was in Burma last week—the highest ranking member of the European Union to visit military-ruled Burma in ...
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Man found floating Australian seas in esky sent home to Burma
Visa Bureau - London,England,UK
One of the two men found floating in a large icebox in Australian waters this month will be voluntarily sent home to Burma, reports The Australian. ...
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Burma Jade Law amended
JCK India - Mumbai,Maharashtra,India
The US Customs issued updated regulations addressing ‘conditions for importation’ of Burmese and non-Burmese rubies and jadeite in order to implement the ...
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The Irrawaddy News Magazine
‘Second Chance City’ Welcomes another Leading Burmese Monk
The Irrawaddy News Magazine - Chiang Mai,Thailand
By JIM ANDREWS MAE SOT — Secretly, singly or in small groups, Burmese monks who led the September 2007 uprising and then escaped the regime crackdown are ...
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Thailand accused of mistreating Burmese asylum seekers
ABC Online - Australia
But the Rohingyas are essentially stateless and have few options but to flee Burma in the hope of a better life. And as the Thais try to deal with the ...
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Persecution, devastation a 'double whammy' in Burma
OneNewsNow - Tupelo,MS,USA
The new guidelines in the Union of Myanmar (the official name of Burma) mean that several major churches in Rangoon will no longer be able to hold services. ...
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UN Seeks Talks in Burma
Jakarta Globe - Jakarta,Indonesia
The UN special envoy to Burma will be returning soon to pursue a dialogue between the country’s military rulers and the opposition led by Aung San Suu Kyi ...
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Eugene A. Lance
Baltimore Sun - United States
Burma and India. "A week later, I was flying over the hump to China, assigned to the Burma Road engineers," he told The Towson Times in a 2004 interview. ...
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BBC News
Burma's 'abused Chin need help'
BBC News - UK
By Jonathan Head The US group Human Rights Watch has called for better protection of the Chins, one of Burma's least known and most persecuted minorities. ...
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BNN-Worldnews: Will Obama be ready for radical humanitarian ...
By moderator
Hamas announces ceasefire after Israel declares tr... Photo's. Find more photos like this on Burma News Network. Social Networks. View my page on Candle4Burma · Visit Candle4Burma · Visit Burma News Network ...
BNN-Worldnews - http://bnn-worldnews.blogspot.com/
TRUE MYANMAR NEWS Night-Scope « democracy for burma
Situation in Burma critical, says exiled prime minister · Khitpyaing news print edition NEW ERA Journal Burmese · Junta Cronie-Max Myanmar group of Companies collecting taxes on vehicles.. 2009 Burma Freedom Calendar ...
democracy for burma - http://democracyforburma.wordpress.com/
FilmArcade.net: Sundance 2009: "Burma VJ" Review - Written by ...
By TonyD
Armed with small handy-cams, undercover Video Journalists in Burma keep up the flow of news from their closed country. Going beyond the occasional news clip from Burma, director Anders Ostergaard brings us closer to the VJ’s who deliver ...
FilmArcade.net - http://www.filmarcade.net/
New Orleans Ladder: Mercredi
By New Orleans Ladder
Please check out my friend Moe Swe, who emailed me wonderful Burmese Music after we met through my online work with the Burma News Ladder, during the Democracy Crackdown in that country in September-October '07. ...
New Orleans Ladder - http://noladder.blogspot.com/
Fear from Freedom: Travel to Myanmar
By May Burma
In recent years many workers go abroad to work to support their families at home. The labor department allow recruitment agencies for overseas labor market, mostly in Malaysia, S Korea and Dubai. Posted by May Burma at 1:24 AM ...
Fear from Freedom - http://www.mayburma.com/

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