2009 Collective Action Committee(Burma)


Mr. Barack Obama

President of the United States of America

Dear Mr. President,

We watched your inauguration and were inspired by the words you spoke. We, the peoples of Burma, are an oppressed people and we long and yearn for freedom. We feel very deeply that those inspiring words of hope, determination and resolve that you uttered with such conviction will help us in our epic struggle. We know that, with you help, someday soon the very values you emphasized during you inauguration will be a reality for all our people.

Today our nation as a whole is suffering from the whims and pangs of a cruel, brazen and ruthless military regime. This regime does not respect the will of the people nor does it protect the citizens of the nation. In fact, they have repeatedly violated those principles you so emphatically espoused during your inauguration and they have relentlessly eroded the very core of human dignity. Their actions are a direct dismissal of those articles enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. They continually reveal their obstinacy, arrogance and blatant disregard toward these principles, and toward freedom loving democratic nations. This is evident in their outright refusal to engage in meaningful dialogue with the democratic forces of the nation, who were excluded from the drafting of the constitution, and confirms their agenda to hold on to power. In this regard, this so-called referendum on the constitution, which they have exclusively designed, is bogus and is only intended to further entrench their power position. This was further revealed in their persistence with this bogus referendum in the midst of one of the worst humanitarian disasters the world has seen. This only confirms their inhumaneness, and their inhumanity toward their fellow country people.

This then is evidence of a regime whose policies are nothing more than self-preservation at the cost of a nation’s wellbeing. They can never be the de jure government as they do not represent the will of the people, nor are they willing to protect the people, which is the very core of responsibility that comes with authority as a government. How then can this brutal and brazen regime be tolerated by democratic nations? This is one of the crucial questions of our age, Mr. President. If we, should we, and must we defeat tyranny and restore democratic values, that which is for the people, by the people and of the people, then we must act with resolve and determination.

Although we know that you are faced with a Herculean task to cleanse the Augean stables, we entrust that you will guide the rivers of truth and integrity to wash away this quagmire that you have inherited. We hope inter alia you will cast your attention to the peoples of Burma who now face a critical year in their struggle to dislodge this fraudulent election that has been planned by the military junta to further enslave the nation.

We thank you for the hope you have given us and we are quietly confident that you will help us in this epic struggle. May God bless and guide you in all that you are about to face.

Yours gratefully,

The 2009 Collective Action Committee(BURMA)

on behalf of all the oppressed peoples of Burma

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