About an article about the NCGUB written by LaMinKhin

Dear Editor (Saffron),

I think I've downloaded an article written in Burmese by Ma Ei Khin (Leiway) her blog address www.laminkhin.blogspot.com from your site.

I have cross checked what she has written in her article with someone who has the knowledge of what had occurred. The way the NCGUB was formed and the way it carried its functions after it has been formed; how it retracted on its promise to DAB about expanding the government-in-exile has made me think that these people (if not all but most of them must have an understanding with the military regime.) The way they refused to sign the documents when the challenge to unseat the military regime from the UN and how one of the MPs living in Australia even though he was detained for some time and later released was allowed to not only leave the country in a orderly manner and leaglly he was also allowed to sell his house and take care of his affairs before leaving.

For a dissident, it was unheard of to be allowed with such privleges unless he must have an understanding with the regime. These may be the price they have paid for their liberty. The military regime knows that when someone is out of their reach they need someone planted in the midst of those who are working against them. As a media organisation you should conduct an investigation whether these could be behind the NCGUB's reluctance to be more active in working to dislodge the military government.

Since you have asked for some ideas, here is one from me.



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