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Commander of SPDC MOC No. 5 Brig. Kaung Myat who is assigned to KNU Brigade 2 territory Toungoo District asserted, "Abusing you locals is uneventful for the media. It won't get into news anymore. The media won't print this kind of news anymore. Nor will radio stations air such pieces. Don't count on them for your suffering. We can torment you as much as we like." Claiming thus, he is carrying out tortures and human rights violations upon the people in Toungoo District blatantly.

Since early January, SPDC troops are forcing local populace of twelve villages in Bawgaligyee area to carry army ration supplies and act as human minesweepers on auto roads. On February 6, junta troops forced fifty Bawgali villagers and twenty Yethogyee villagers to walk abreast throughout the length of Bawgali road in order to act as human shields and also as human minesweepers. Moreover the army commandeered cars owned by Saw Maung Krue and Saw Tha Hto of Bawgali village and forced them to drive on the road to sweep any hidden mines.

As the army extorted giant bamboo poles (Dendrocalamus giganteus) from villages in the vicinity for construction of army outposts and fences, the giant bamboo is now in danger of extinction.

On February 6 at about 7:00 PM, SPDC soldiers camping in Tate-pu outpost shelled Tate-pu village without any apparent cause, wounding Naw Bway Phaw (aged 18), Naw Khoe Khoe (aged 14 ) and motherless child Naw Day Moo Seet (aged 1) of Tate-pu village and Naw Hekhalay (aged 22) of Phalawbawdel village and vendor Maung Min Htin (aged 30) of Zayatkyee Town.

Tactical Operations Commander Kan Paw Oo under the command of MOC No. 5 ordered villagers along the electricity grid lines in Toungoo District Thandaung Gyee area to pay compensation for bombed pylons.

In KNU Brigade 1 territory Thaton District, DKBA battalions 907 and 999 in joint operations with SPDC Army's LIR 214 and IB 96 are carrying out forced labor and physical torture upon the people. IB 96 outpost in-charge Myo Zaw has ordered Thetbawhtur, Pokalaylo and other villages to supply 500 bamboo poles each.

NCGUB - Border Office

Campaigners urge EU to tighten sanctions on junta

Burma campaign groups from 13 European countries have urged the European Union to strengthen its policy of sanctions on Burma and to pressure the junta to release all political prisoners....

Government in exile's view on Rohingya issue

(Interview) The Burmese military junta at the end of last month refused to accept the existence of 'Rohingya' among Burma's over 100 ethnic races. The junta's refusal appeared after the...

A survivor of the cyclone Nargis stands by a house rebuilt next the wreckage of a destroyed one in Thetkala on the outskirts of Rangoon, 16 May 2008 Burma Recovery Plan Launched for Cyclone-Hit Areas
Three-year plan jointly prepared by representatives from UN, ASEAN and Burma


The Battle of Insein Never Really Ended

Sixty years on, Burma’s famous Battle of Insein, when Karen forces tried to take Rangoon, still resonates.

Chevron Silent on Bribery Allegations in Cambodia

US energy giant Chevron is under fire for failing to disclose the amount of money it allegedly paid to secure rights to drill for offshore oil in corruption-ridden Cambodia.

Human Rights Office in Southern Thailand Raided

Soldiers and police staged a dawn raid Sunday on an office of a human rights group in southern Thailand, inspecting computer files and documents.

Burma Recovery Plan Launched for Cyclone-Hit Areas
Voice of America - USA
By Daniel Schearf The United Nations and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations have launched a recovery plan for areas of Burma hit by last year's ...
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People: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt plan to adopt Burmese child
Denver Post - Denver,CO,USA
Angelina Jolie at the Karenni refugee cap at Ban Mai Nai Soi along the Burmese-Thai border. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt want to adopt another baby, ...
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Myanmar needs $700 mln in cyclone aid - UN
Reuters - USA
Foreign donors are also reluctant to provide aid to the former Burma, under military rule since 1962 and isolated internationally over its dismal human ...
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Burma activists conclude meeting in Barcelona
Democratic Voice of Burma - Oslo,Norway
Feb 9, 2009 (DVB)–Burmese democracy campaigners in Europe agreed to oppose the planned 2010 elections and pressure the European Union for strong action on ...
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Pattaya Daily News
Pattaya Daily News - Chonburi,Thailand
They were heartbroken after the actress visited refugees from Burma during a trip to Thailand. Now they are planning to adopt a baby boy from the stricken ...
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Burma cyclone victims need more help: UN
The Age - Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
Survivors of Burma's devastating Cyclone Nargis nine months ago still need international aid to rebuild their lives, the United Nations said at the launch ...
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Refuge through learning
Citizens Voice - Wilkes-Barre,PA,USA
Although a medical doctor in his home country, Nyein pursued additional education in the United States to escape persecution in Burma, now known as Myanmar. ...
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Burma's Man-Made Suffering
The Irrawaddy News Magazine - Chiang Mai,Thailand
By VORAVIT SUWANVANICHKIJ and CHRIS BEYRER On February 3, UN Special Envoy Gambari concluded his seventh official trip to Burma. He managed to meet with Daw ...
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Burma's policy debate: polarisation and paralysis
Mizzima.com - New Delhi,Delhi,India
by Benedict Rogers Burma is one of the world's worst human tragedies. A beautiful nation, with talented people, rich in natural resources, it was once "the ...
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China Does Not Want Conflict Between Burma and Bangladesh
Narinjara News - Dhaka,Bangladesh
China does not want conflict between Bangladesh and Burma over the maritime boundary dispute in the Bay of Bengal. It was said by Shanghai Institutes for ...
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By jackaranda
According to the UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) some 230000 Rohingya now live in Bangladesh, having fled decades of abuse by Burma's military rulers. BBC NEWS REPORT. Labels: UNCHR Burma US Rohingya Bangladesh ...
Jackaranda - http://feoline.blogspot.com/
Zachary Michaelson Post: Burma Still Not Recovered from 2008 Cyclone
By Zachary Michaelson
Zachary Michaelson Post: Landmines Used to Terrorize and Intimidate in Burma 9 days ago. Zachary Michaelson News: Zachary Michaelson Seeks to Raise Awareness of Burma 18 days ago. DEC. PRESS RELEASE: Former Burmese Political Prisoners ...
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Index on Censorship » Burmese journalists acquitted
By admin
News in brief. Burmese journalists acquitted. Editor Khin Maung Aye and reporter Manaw Tun of Rangoon-based weekly journal News Watch have been acquitted, after being detained for over two months in the notorious Insein Prison. ...
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