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US President Barack Obama speaks with British PM Gordon Brown during  G20 Summit at Excel centre in London, 02 Apr 2009

Leaders of group of 20 major economies are meeting in London at summit aimed at drafting solutions to global economic crisis

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The G20 family photo
Leaders of the world's largest economies are close to an agreement
to tackle the global financial crisis.
US President Obama and South Korea's Lee Myung-bak agree a "stern, united response" to any North Korea rocket launch.

Chinese security officials launch a campaign to improve the treatment of prisoners, after at least five die while in custody.

FM Radio Station in Sittwe for 2010 Election


Sittwe: A FM radio station has been set up for the first time in Sittwe, the capital of Arakan State, by a private company with the support of the military junta in order to help organize Arakanese people for the 2010 election, said a teacher from Sittwe. full story

Change is needed from the outside

Francis Wade

Apr 2, 2009 (DVB)–Last week was a confusing week for the ruling regime in Burma, normally comfortable behind the thick veil woven by its hermit tendencies. - more

Refugees protest against cuts in UN support

Apr 2, 2009 (DVB)–A Burmese refugee family staged hunger strike outside a United Nations office in the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka earlier this week in protest against the UN decision to halt financial support to families. - more

Murder near China-Burma border being linked to child trafficking

Apr 2, 2009 (DVB)–Locals in a Chinese border town have said there could be a link between a young Burmese boy found murdered on Monday and increased incidences of child trafficking on the China-Burma border. - more

US wants common Burma strategy with Asia

Apr 2, 2009 (AFP)—The United States wants to forge a common strategy with Asia to coax military-run Burma out of isolation, a senior official said Wednesday, suggesting six-way talks with North Korea could be a model. - more

Children and the poor hit by cholera outbreak

Apr 2, 2009 (DVB)–Authorities in central Burma have been distributing medicine after an outbreak of cholera began to take its toll on young children and people living in poor housing. - more

Migrant workers denied medical care

Apr 1, 2009 (DVB)–Two Thai-based organisations have urged the United Nations to provide assistance to Burmese migrant workers in Thailand whose labour rights were being denied by their employers. - more

Opposition members jailed for bomb plot

Apr 1, 2009 (DVB)–Seven members of opposition party National League for Democracy accused of a bomb plot were sentenced on Monday to five years imprisonment despite a distinct lack of evidence, said the wife of one. - more

Exiled lawyers call for abolishment of USDA

Apr 1, 2009 (DVB)–A government-backed social organization alleged to have been implicated in the 2003 Depayin massacre is fast becoming a political party and must be abolished, said an exiled Burmese lawyers group. - more

Malaysian Prime Minister Resigns

Malaysia's prime minister submits his resignation to the country's constitutional monarch before handing power to his deputy following 5½ years of largely ineffectual rule.

Thai Protesters Gather for 7th Day of Protests

Thousands of demonstrators have vowed to continue surrounding the Thai prime minister’s office until the government resigns.

Singapore, Malaysia Ban Burmese Pickled Tea

Burma’s neighbors slap bans on ready-made pickled tea that contains a dangerous chemical dye as a coloring agent.

Internet Slowdown to Continue at Least One More Day

A spokesperson for Burma’s state-run Internet service provider said that extremely slow connection speeds should end by April 3, but users have their doubts.

Philippines urges Burma to Protect Human Rights

Burma should free all political prisoners and fulfill a long-standing pledge to democratize, says the Philippine foreign secretary.

Singapore Bans Imports of Laphet

The Singaporean food authority has ordered a ban on the sale and import of laphet, a popular Burmese delicacy, after samples were found to contain a chemical dye.

Medical specialist to launch private airline

Reports say famous liver disease specialist Dr. Khin Maung Win is trying to establish a private airline for operation inside Burma. It is envisioned that airplanes will be leased from...

U.S. advocates for a common approach to Burma

Deputy U.S. Secretary of State James B. Steinberg gave notice yesterday during a conference in Washington D.C. that the United States wants a "collaborative and constructive" approach on

Indian armed forces withhold cooperation in trial of Burmese rebels

India's Ministry of Defense has failed to cooperate in the Central Bureau of Investigation's (CBI) case concerning the detention of 34 Burmese freedom fighters currently lodged in Kolkata's Presidency...
US wants common Myanmar strategy with Asia
President Barack Obama's administration has launched a review of policy on Myanmar, also known as Burma, where a US official last week paid the first visit ...
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When Burma Policy is Really China Policy
The Washington Independent - Washington,DC,USA
“Clearly, the path we have taken in imposing sanctions hasn’t influenced the Burmese junta,” she told students at Tokyo University. Today, Sen. ...
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Indian armed forces withhold cooperation in trial of Burmese rebels
Mizzima.com - New Delhi,Delhi,India
Akshay Kumar Sharma, a lawyer who represents 34 Arakanese and Karen rebels from Burma, on Monday said that the key witnesses, two CBI officers who were ...
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Service planned for murdered Briton
ITV.com - UK
The recovery of Mr Robertson's body raises the prospect of Thai police laying further charges against three migrant workers from neighbouring Burma who were ...
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Rohingya, not Bengali (Burma)
Himal Southasian - Kathmandu,Nepal
Yet again, the situation surrounding the ethnic Rohingya community of Burma has burgeoned from a national disgrace to a regional shame. ...
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Burma and Bangladesh look to boost trade
Mizzima.com - New Delhi,Delhi,India
by Siddique Islam Dhaka (Mizzima) – The third Burma-Bangladesh Joint Trade Commission (JTC) meeting, aimed at boosting bilateral trade between the ...
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Standing firm on Burma
Boston Globe - United States
By Judd Gregg SECRETARY OF STATE Hillary Clinton recently announced that the administration will undertake a Burma policy review. ...
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Burma: Last Senior US Official Meeting with Burmese Foreign Minister
US Department of State - Washington,DC,USA
Question: When was the last time that a senior US official (equivalent to Stephen Blake) from Washington visited the Foreign Minister of Burma? ...
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Pacific Gateway Center opens new cafe
Bizjournals.com - Charlotte,NC,USA
The daily lunch menu includes dishes from Singapore, Indonesia, Laos and Burma. Pacific Gateway Center, formerly known as the Immigrant Center, ...
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Businessmen Urged To Run
Radio Free Asia - Washington,DC,USA
In the run-up to Burma's first elections in 20 years, the junta is urging loyal businessmen to stand as candidates. BANGKOK—Burmese authorities have ...
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