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US President Barack Obama walks with his wife first lady Michelle Obama, right, before delivering a public speech to thousands of people on the Hradcany Square in Prague, Czech Republic, 05 Apr 2009

President says N. Korean launch proves the need for nations to come together to stop the spread of nuclear weapons and to eliminate those that already exist

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Model of a North Korean missile on fire outside the US embassy in Seoul
A North Korean rocket fails to put a satellite into orbit, US and South Korean officials say, hours after the North claims success.
US President Barack Obama outlines his vision of a world free of nuclear weapons during a major speech in Europe.

An ice bridge that holds in place an ice shelf the size of Jamaica snaps, heightening concern over the impact of global warming.


17 Killed, Several Wounded in Bus Accident


Ann: 17 travelers were killed and 37 were injured in a vehicle accident on the Rangoon - Sittwe highway on Friday near Ann Town in Arakan State, said a source close to the Ann Town hospital.full story

Six Burmese Citizens Pushed Back from Bangladesh


Teknaf: Bangladesh Rifles, the Bangladesh border security force, pushed six Burmese citizens back across the border to Burma at the Teknaf border point soon after arresting them with smuggled goods aboard two engine boats, said one official.full story

North Korea Defies World Pressure


North Korea defied international warnings and launched a rocket into space Sunday, describing it as a satellite test.

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