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Pres. Obama, Turkish PM Erdrogan walk after the president's address to Turkish parliament's General Assembly, 06 Apr 2009 in Ankara
Mon. 06 Apr 2009 1504 UTC

Obama Addresses Turkish Parliament, Reaches Out to Muslim World

US president says trip to Turkey meant to send message that US is not and will never be at war with Islam

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Firefighters and rescuers carry out a body from the rubble of a collapsed university dorm building in L'Aquila, central Italy, 07 Apr 2009

Rescuers Search for Italy Quake Survivors

Civil protection officials in Italy now say 179 people were killed in Monday's earthquake, 1,500 injured and tens of thousands left homeless

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, 6 April 2009

Clinton Says North Korea Risks Gains from Nuclear Talks with its Missile Test Audio Clip Available

US Secretary of State says US is seeking strong condemnation of Pyongyang in UN Security Council

A shop worker looks at the wreckage of a car bomb attack in Baghdad, Iraq, 06 Apr 2009

Car Bombings Kill 32 in Baghdad

Deadliest attack occurred in the capital's Sadr City neighborhood where officials say an explosion killed at least 10 people and wounded 28 others

Israeli soldiers prepare after receiving orders to move into Gaza Strip from army base outside Kibbutz Kerem Shalom, near southern border (file photo)

Israeli Soldiers' Testimony on Gaza Continues to Cause Uproar Audio Clip Available

Some soldiers denounce permissive attitude that allowed them to treat everyone as Hamas operatives

Italy rescuers comb quake rubble

Rescuers in Italy dig with bare hands as they search for signs of life after the devastating earthquake left at least 179 people dead.

Grim task for search teams

Pakistan's President Asif Ali Zardari tells visiting envoy Richard Holbrooke the US must give it "unconditional support".

German police say at least two people have been killed in a shooting at a courthouse in Bavaria.

Thai PM Vows to Prevent 'Civil War'

Thailand's prime minister has vowed to prevent a "civil war" in Thailand as the nation braces for a massive anti-government protest on Wednesday amid fears of bloodshed.

US ‘Not Averse’ to Direct Talks with Burmese Regime

The new US administration is not averse to the idea of entering into direct negotiations with the Burmese military junta, according to insiders at the State Department in Washington.

Malaysians Vote in Benchmark Polls

Malaysians voted on Tuesday in special elections seen as a benchmark of support for the new prime minister, who has pledged far-reaching administrative and social reforms to revive the government's support.

Another Armed KNU Group Defects to the Junta

A small but influential armed group breaks away from the KNU army to join the Burmese military government.

US Congressmen Cautious Over Lifting Sanctions

A group of US lawmakers urge the Obama administration to uphold US priorities in any direct talks involving the Burmese junta.

Insurgents to Blame for Landmine Casualties: Junta

A senior Burmese diplomat said at an anti-landmine conference in Bangkok that ethnic insurgent groups were responsible for the country’s high casualty rate from the banned weapons.

Fence will hit those dependent on Bangladeshi services

Apr 7, 2009 (DVB)–A villager in Bangladesh has said that the construction of a border fence will disrupt the livelihoods of Burmese villagers dependent on Bangladeshi trade and services. - more

Government troops attack rebel outpost

Apr 7, 2009 (DVB)–Government military troops and fighters from a pro-junta ceasefire army attacked and captured an outpost close to a strategically important base of a prominent rebel group last week. - more

The 'victim' treatment: a self-fulfilling prophecy

Ye Thu

Apr 7, 2009 (DVB)–There’s a tendency in the global media to portray Burma as a primitive country, held back from modernisation by the psychotic generals who would rather line their own pockets than promote the advancement of society. - more

Burma claims a strengthening economy

Apr 7, 2009 (DVB)–Whilst world leaders gathered in London last week to discuss ways to combat the global economic crisis, the Burmese prime minister surprised listeners at home with news of an apparent 10 per cent rise in the country’s GDP. - more

Government must reform to lift sanctions

Apr 7, 2009 (DVB)–A letter sent to the Burmese government has blamed the country’s leaders for the sanctions imposed on Burma, and spoke of the need for governmental reform as a precursor to them being lifted. - more


Two Villages Face Relocation for Oil Exploration


Sittwe: Two villages in Sittwe Township are facing relocation to another village because they are currently located near the oil drilling site operated by a foreign company, said a village elder.full story

BDR Objects to Burmese Border Fence


Cox’sbazar: Bangladesh Rifles officials from a border camp have sent their objections to Nasaka officials regarding the construction of a fence near the Bangladesh border, said a local resident on the border. full story

Obama - Appeaser-in-Chief?

(Commentary) Almost ignored by the mainstream media, Stephen Blake’s (Director of the State Department's Mainland Southeast Asia Office) recent visit to Naypyidaw highlights the U.S.

Beverages in Burma under inspection for containing banned chemical dye

Burmese military junta authorities have started inspecting food and soft drinks in Burma, to check whether they are tainted with a chemical dye, which is dangerous for health of the...

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