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Relatives and friends gather in the vast square courtyard of a police training center where coffins were arrayed prior the state funeral of the dead of the April 6 eathquake in the Abruzzo capital L'Aquila, 10 Apr 2009
Fri. 10 Apr 2009 0904 UTC

Italy Holds State Funeral for Earthquake Victims

Flower-covered wooden coffins are lined up on the grounds of a police academy in L'Aquila, the epicenter of the 6. 3 magnitude quake

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This screen grab from North Korean television shows North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il attending a session of the parliament in Pyongyang, 09 Apr 2009

Kim Jong Il Enhances Relative's Role

Jang Song Taek saw his share price rise dramatically this week in North Korea's political market

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North Korean rocket launch, 05 Apr 09

Japan Renews Sanctions on North Korea

Japan and the US are pushing the United Nations Security Council to condemn the launch, which they say was a cover-up to test a long-range missile

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Larry Summers

Top Obama Aide Foresees Gradual Economic Improvement

Chief of White House National Economic Council, Larry Summers says there are promising signs that a bottom to recession may have been reached Full story

Iranian Pres. Ahmadinejad (L) greets the media from his bus after inaugurating a fuel manufacturing plant outside Isfahan, 09 Apr 2009

Clinton Skeptical About Claimed Iranian Nuclear Strides

But she said claims underscore need for Iran to cooperate with UN nuclear weapons inspectors

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Capt Richard Phillips
A US captain was recaptured by Somali pirates after trying to swim from their lifeboat, US media reports say.

A state funeral is held in Italy for 205 victims of the devastating earthquake, as the country observes a day of mourning.

Turkmenistan blames Russia for causing an explosion on a gas pipeline, saying Moscow cut its imports without notice.

Bangladesh to Seek Foreign Help with Gas Exploration


By By Tun Kyaw: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina announced on Wednesday that Bangladesh needs foreign assistance with offshore gas exploration and developing infrastructure for hydroelectric and solar power.

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Chin suffers from inadequate access to protection in India


By Nava Thakuria: The Chin people of Burma, who are living in the Indian capital, suffers from less access to humanitarian relief and services by the local government and also the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees office in New Delhi.

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150 Families Arrive Model Village on Western Border


Maungdaw: 150 families from Burma proper arrived on Thursday in Maungdaw, a western border town near Bangladesh, to settle in model villages along the border, said a clerk from the Maungdaw district office.

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Soldiers Deployed to Border


Maungdaw: Nearly 500 Burmese soldiers have been deployed at four key places along the border in northern Maungdaw Township since Monday to help with construction of a border fence, said a source close to the army.

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United States to review Burma policy

Apr 10, 2009 (DVB)–The United States has announced it will review policy to Burma following a rare US official visit to the country last month and an acknowledgement by the government in February that its policy has so far failed. - more

Junta rely on drug money to stay in power

Apr 10, 2009 (DVB)–Profits from Burma’s opium trade are working their way into the pockets of local government authorities, claims a report which found an increase in poppy cultivation last year across Burma’s northeastern Shan state. - more

Military force cashew farmers to neglect land

Apr 10, 2009 (DVB)–Restrictions in movement imposed by the Burmese military on Mon villagers in Tenasserim division are forcing local cashew growers to neglect their farmland and incur a substantial loss in harvest, a report found. - more

Karen leaders meet with Thai foreign minister

Apr 10, 2009 (DVB)–Leaders of Burma’s principal armed opposition group met with the Thai foreign minister on Monday to discuss human rights abuses and the possibility of reconciliation with Burma’s ruling junta. - more

Chin refugees in Delhi struggle to access aid

Apr 9, 2009 (DVB)–Refugees from northwest Burma who seek asylum in India are suffering unbearable living conditions and long waiting periods before registration, according to a report published yesterday. - more

Army offensive to clear way for deep-sea port

Apr 9, 2009 (DVB)–A border offensive this week against Burma’s main armed opposition group is an attempt to clear the area of rebels prior to the construction of a deep-sea port and coal factory, said an opposition group member. - more

Opposition leader’s lawyer resorts to pleading

Apr 9, 2009 (DVB)–The lawyer of imprisoned opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi has said that only pleading with the government will allow him access to his client, as her stated release date draws closer. - more

Economic Crisis Puts Dampener on Burma’s Water Festival

The global economic crisis threatens to put a dampener on Buddhist New Year festivities, known as the water festival, which begin this weekend in Burma and other countries of Southeast Asia.

US and Australia Agree to Work on Burma Issue

The US and Australia have agreed to continue to work together to achieve a democratic Burma, following two-days of consultations.

Suu Kyi’s Lawyer Tries Third Appeal

The lawyer for Aung San Suu Kyi, Burma’s detained pro-democracy leader, sends a letter to Premier Gen Thein Sein, asking that he be allowed to meet with his client.

Thingyan, a Time of Tradition and Reckless Excess

Irresponsible behavior, often fueled by alcohol and drug abuse, is increasingly overshadowing Burma’s traditional New Year’s celebrations.

Burma Faces Shortage of TB Drugs in 2010

Burma is in desperate need of funding for tuberculosis drugs as its current supplier plans to end its support at the end of this year.

Critical Report on Nargis Relief Criticized by NGOs

A wide range of NGOs engaged in the Cyclone Nargis relief effort challenge a critical report by Johns Hopkins University and the Thailand-based Emergency Assistance Team.

Editorial, Opinion and Analysis

The sanctions carousel

(Letter to the Editor) In February, I wrote an article entitled Burma's policy debate: polarization and paralysis, in an attempt to try to move the debate about...

Observer says Karen defection "insignificant"

The defection of another Karen National Union group resulted largely from a personal matter and has nothing to do with issues concerning the broader Karen ethnic nationality, according to an...

Media under attack in Thai protests

Several journalists have been threatened while reporting onsite from anti-government mass demonstrations, amidst fears of a clash between authorities and protesters.

Junta targets bio-energy for rural electricity supply

Burma’s military government is making plans to supply electricity to several cyclone devastated areas in the Irrawaddy delta through the use of bio-energy. According to the plan, electricity..

Suu Kyi’s lawyer to renew appeal for her release

Detained Burmese pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi’s lawyer said he will submit yet another appeal on Friday to the junta’s Prime Minister General Thein Sein for her release.

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