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A relative of a victim of a suicide bombing in Baghdad on 24 April grieves near the scene of the blast
At least 60 people are killed in a double suicide bombing at a Shia shrine in Baghdad, following one of the deadliest days this year.

The Sri Lankan army says there will be no more pauses in fighting against Tamil Tiger rebels, despite calls by the UN.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev dismisses the head of the country's powerful GRU military intelligence service.

An armed Pakistani Taliban chats with residents outside a mosque in Buner district of the troubled Swat valley, 23 Apr 2009
Fri. 24 Apr 2009 1004 UTC

Pakistani Taliban Agree to Withdraw from Buner

Spokesman says top Taliban officials are going to Buner Friday to deliver the message to fighters who crossed into the district from their stronghold in the nearby Swat Valley

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Relatives grieve over coffin of Salih al-Jibouri, an assassinated Iraqi police officer, during his funeral in Kirkuk, 24 Apr 2009

New Report Finds Over 80,000 Iraqis Killed Since 2005

Associated Press news agency says it received information from government official who requested anonymity

Sri Lankan Tamil civilians sit among the rubble of a village near Puthukkudiyiruppu, 24 Apr 2009

Top Sri Lankan Official Denies Humanitarian Crisis

In VOA interview, Foreign Minister Palitha Kohona says although there is no crisis, government appreciates offers of help from international community

North Korea

North Korea to Charge US Journalists

Reporters Euna Lee and Laura Ling were detained on March 17 while reporting on North Korean refugees in China

A child injured in a bomb blast gets treatment at a hospital in Baghdad, 23 Apr 2009

75 Killed in Iraq Blasts Video clip available

Upsurge in suicide bombings coincides with a planned drawdown of US troops from Iraq, and preparations for national elections later this year

Karen Refugee Testifies to Junta Crimes

Testifying emotionally before the US Congress, a Karen woman has called for an international inquiry into the Burmese junta’s crimes against humanity.

Diarrhea Deaths Confirmed in Rangoon

At least five people have died in an outbreak of diarrhea in Burma’s largest city, according to healthcare workers and local residents.

Imprisoned Zarganar in Failing Health

One of Burma’s most prominent political prisoners, the satirist Zarganar, is in failing health, according to his family.

Burma Expert Urges US to Tighten Sanctions

Accusing the Burmese regime of looting the country, a prominent world expert on Burma urges the US to tighten its economic sanctions policy against the junta.

Thai Prime Minister Lifts State of Emergency

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva announced the end of a state of emergency in the Thai capital, as authorities continue their search for former leader Thaksin Shinawatra.

Min Ko Naing bestowed Gwangju Human Rights award

South Korea has awarded its highest human rights award “Gwangju Prize for Human Rights” to Burma’s leading student activist Min Ko Naing, who is currently serving 65 years of imprisonment,...

Poison found in refugee camp water supply

Unidentified offenders used weed killers to poison the water supply of the Mae La refugee camp on April 11. The camp, on the Thai-Burma border, home to more than 30,000...

State of emergency in Bangkok being lifted

The government of Thailand will lift the state of emergency in Bangkok on Friday, even as the authorities maintain restrictions on political content on websites of private-run cable TV and...

Junta prohibits reporting on the arrest of murderer

Local Weekly Journals in Rangoon said they have been prohibited from publishing follow-up news on a murder case that took place in Botahtaung Township of Rangoon in early April.
Use of child soldiers could constitute a 'war crime'

Apr 24, 2009 (DVB)–The ongoing abuses by the Burmese government against civilians is reaching a point whereby the junta could qualify for war crimes charges, said a former senior legal adviser to the International Criminal Court. - more

Junta’s concern over foreign media grows

Apr 24, 2009 (DVB)–Strict media control enhances spiritual and intellectual nourishment, says an article in Burma’s leading state-run newspaper that speaks of the dangers of foreign media being broadcast into the country via satellite. - more

Imprisoned student leader awarded human rights prize

Apr 24, 2009 (DVB)–The imprisoned leader of the student group that incited the 2007 monk-led protests in Burma has been awarded a prize by a South Korean foundation for promoting human rights and democracy. - more

Zarganar and imprisoned cyclone helpers in poor health

Apr 24, 2009 (DVB)–Renowned comedian Zarganar, who was sentenced last year to 35 years in prison for speaking to foreign media following cyclone Nargis, is in poor health, said a source close to his family. - more

Human rights group slams UN report on child soldiers

Apr 23, 2009 (DVB)–A leading human rights watchdog has criticised a United Nations report for focusing too much attention on releases of child soldiers by the Burmese army whilst ignoring the fact that they continue to be recruited. - more

Family of forced labour victims receive legal threats

Apr 23, 2009 (DVB)–The family of two brothers who died during a forced labour incident are being threatened with legal action by village authorities after they complained about the incident to an international monitoring body. - more

Ground control: militarization and the theft of Burma’s land

Rosalie Smith

Apr 23, 2009 (DVB)–In the last two decades Burma has aggressively expanded its military, doubling army personnel to the point where now there is one troop for every 100 citizens. - more

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