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Elliott Morley, David Chaytor, Jim Devine, Lord Hanningfield
Four British parliamentarians are to face criminal charges over their expenses, the UK prosecution service announces.

Deadly double bombing in Karachi
An explosion kills at least 10 people at a Pakistani hospital where victims of an earlier bomb were being treated, Karachi police say.
Ship seized by pirates 'stormed'
Danish special forces storm a ship captured by Somali pirates and free 25 crew members, an EU naval spokesman says.
All refugee returns to Myanmar [Burma] must be voluntary. In our interviews with the [Karen] refugees, none expressed any desire to return home.
—Kitty McKinsey, UNHCR spokesperson in Bangkok

Thailand Begins Forced Repatriation of Karen Refugee

The first of some 3,000 Karen refugees are forcibly repatriated despite international pleas to the Thai government to halt the process.

Thai Govt Responds to Karen Landmine Fears

The Thai government says it has been assured that the areas where Karen refugees are to be repatriated have been cleared of landmines.

In Darkness, Karen Refugees Dread Forced Return to Burma

As Thailand prepares to repatriate 30 refugee families, an Irrawaddy correspondent makes a predawn visit to their camp to hear them speak of the terror they feel as they await their imminent return to Burma.

Suu Kyi, Brother in Court over House Dispute

A Burmese court will hear testimony next week on a dispute between the detained opposition leader and her brother over efforts to renovate her lakeside home.

US Legislators Urge Thai PM to Halt Karen Refugee Repatriation

Twenty nine US congressmen and women have issued an eleventh-hour appeal to Thailand's prime minister to halt plans to repatriate Karen refugees.

Some refugees repatriated by Thailand
Ignoring appeals from several quarters, three families from Noe Boe refugee camp ...
Cremation fees to be hiked sevenfold
Cremation fees are poised to experience a sevenfold increase in price come March, ...
NLD hopes for U Tin Oo’s release
The National League for Democracy (NLD), Burma’s major opposition party, ...
Rights groups appeal to Thailand to halt repatriation of refugees
Citing instances of recent land mine explosion victims, several rights groups and US ...
Thai police raid Karen houses

Feb 5, 2010 (DVB)–The home of a senior Karen National Union politician and a neighbouring office belonging a Karen media group in western Thailand were raided by police yesterday. - more

Thailand suspends Karen refugee return

Feb 5, 2010 (DVB)–A meeting is underway along the Thai-Burma border after Thailand yesterday suspended the forced return of some 3,000 Karen refugees back to Burma. - more

MYANMAR: WHO warns of tolerance to anti-malaria drug
Health Source > IRINnews Thursday, 04 February 2010 21:15
Tolerance to artemisinin, the most effective anti-malarial drug available, is emerging in Myanmar and could pose a major challenge to regional malaria control, says the World Health Organization (WHO)...
Aung San Suu Kyi, a leaking roof, and the brother who won't let her fix it
National Source > Andrew Buncombe/Independent Thursday, 04 February 2010 21:00
In the time she has spent detained in her crumbling Rangoon home, the Burmese democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi has endured isolation, frustration and grief...
Factbox: Pipelines from Myanmar to China
National Source > Reuters Thursday, 04 February 2010 20:56
China will soon start receiving oil and gas through two controversial pipelines which run through military-ruled Myanmar. Here are some facts about the pipelines: ...
International Airlines In Myanmar Extend Flight Services For Peak Tourism Season
Tourism Source > Bernama Thursday, 04 February 2010 20:50
International airlines in Myanmar have extended their flight services starting this month due to the fall of peak tourism season, China's Xinhua news agency reported Thursday, ...

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