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Woman prays in refugee camp in Port-au-Prince
Haiti is holding a day of mourning for victims of the earthquake that killed at least 217,000 people exactly one month ago.

German economic growth falters
Europe's biggest economy failed to grow at the end of 2009 and other Euro members were weak, raising doubts about recovery.

Bill Clinton out of US hospital
Former US President Bill Clinton has left the hospital where he underwent a heart procedure, US media report.

EU Parliament Resolution Feb 10 (Please click on that link to see more)
Support Workers in Burma (Please click on that link to see more)


Broken Promises and a Broken Nation

For decades, Burma's military has denied the Panglong spirit and pursued unity through force. The result has been a country constantly at war with itself.

It is certainly time we need to establish a democratic nation. For that, we need to rebuild national reconciliation and ethnic unity.
—Win Tin, a leading NLD member

Local Medics Respond to Flu Outbreak in Karen State

For displaced people in Karen State, a thin line of mobile health care workers remains the sole source of surveillance, treatment and prevention of serious diseases and epidemics.

NLD Prepares for Expansion of Party Leadership

Senior representatives of Burma's opposition party have begun to arrive in Rangoon from all over the country to participate in next week's expansion of the party's leadership.

Than Shwe Says Election will be 'Free and Fair'

In separate commemorations of Burma's Union Day, junta chief Snr-Gen Than Shwe has offered assurances that the upcoming election will be free and fair, while the opposition National League for Democracy has called for national reconciliation through dialogue.

Tin Oo Likely to be Released On Saturday

NLD Vice chairman Tin Oo's is expected to be released after his term of house arrest expires on Saturday.

Releasing Tin Oo Part of Junta Show

NLD Vice Chairman's son thinks his father will be released on Saturday as part of the attempts by the Burmese junta to look good before the election.

Thailand to deport crew of aircraft carrying illicit arms
Thailand’s judiciary on Thursday said it will not indict five crew members arrested from an aircraft carrying illicit armaments ...
Burma badly needs trade unions for workers
For workers in Burma the need of the hour is trade unions to protect labour rights ...
ILO to begin Burma child soldier campaign

Feb 12, 2010 (DVB)–The International Labour Organisation will begin circulating leaflets on forced labour and child solider recruitment across Burma, but not before it is passed through the regime’s notorious censor board. - more

Karen army kidnap charge is ‘propaganda’

Feb 12, 2010 (DVB)–The Burmese junta’s recent claim that the opposition Karen army had abducted four local villagers is part of an intensifying propaganda campaign, a senior Karen official has said. - more

Burma ‘will release’ opposition deputy

Feb 12, 2010 (DVB)–Burma opposition party deputy, Tin Oo, will be released tomorrow when his house arrest term expires, a government official has said. - more

Senator says US must engage Burma on sentence

Feb 12, 2010 (AFP)–Senator Jim Webb, who paid a rare visit to Burma last year, called Thursday for the United States to keep engaging the military regime after it handed a three-year sentence to a US citizen. - more

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