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Red shirts to march to 10 spots Friday

08/04/2010 : Convoys of various kinds of vehicles will take the red shirts to 10 different targets in Bangkok on Friday which has been set by the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship for another major mobile anti-government rally, UDD leader Nathawut Saikua announced on Thursday.

Government shuts UDD's mouthpiece

08/04/2010 : The government Centre for Public Administration in Emergency Situations (CPAES) on Thursday said it had succeeded in totally shutting off the United Front for Democracy's mouthpiece, the satellite-based People Channel TV (PTV) station, and was also closing down pro-UDD websites and radio stations.
Barack Obama and Dmitry Medvedev sign the New Start treaty (8 April 2010)
The US and Russia sign a "historic" nuclear arms treaty, with Barack Obama promising further disarmament steps.
Protesters shout in front of government buildings in central Bishkek, 8 April Australopithecus sediba (Brett Eloff)
The opposition in Kyrgyzstan says it is setting up an interim government after taking control of the capital in a bloody uprising.
The remarkable remains of two ancient human-like creatures (hominids) have been found in South Africa.
Rescuers search for victims in Niteroi, 7 April 2010 The United Airlines jet arrives in Denver
A mudslide sweeps away dozens of homes near Rio as the number of dead as a result of Monday's rains rises.
A Qatari diplomat is released from custody after allegedly causing a bomb scare on board a US domestic flight.
Greek workers strike over austerity measures Zheng Mingsheng stands as he is sentenced in Nanping, south-eastern China
European financial markets have been hit by renewed fears over the state of Greece's debt-ridden economy.
A former community doctor in southern China is sentenced to death for stabbing and killing eight school children last month.
Anat Kam Breaking news (BBC)
The Israeli authorities lift a gagging order preventing the Israeli media from reporting the case of a former soldier accused of leaking top secret files.
Europe's Cryosat-2 spacecraft launches successfully from Baikonur on a mission to map Earth's polar ice.
Dead Cobra on a car bonnet in Muelheim an der Ruhr, western Germany, 8 April 2010 Mount Everest
A venomous snake is found dead in western Germany after its escape triggered an extensive three-week hunt.
China and Nepal agree on an official height for Mount Everest - ending a long-running disagreement over the issue.
Tiger Woods Tiger Woods
The 74th Masters is under way with Tiger Woods the centre of attention at Augusta National.
Augusta chairman Billy Payne criticises Tiger Woods ahead of the opening round of the US Masters.
Seal sets record auction price Tiger Woods chips out of a trap on the second hole during a practice round at the Masters golf tournament in Augusta
Eye-catching images from around the world
Does golf need him more than he needs golf?
Sania Mirza at a news conference in February 2009 Kenza Drider in Avignon
Is it legal to marry someone on the phone?
A Muslim view of what it means to be French
BA planes Stacks of 100 yuan notes
British Airways and Spanish airline Iberia have signed a deal to merge and create one of the world's biggest airline groups.
The US Treasury Secretary holds talks in Beijing amid a long-running dispute over the value of the Chinese currency.
Euros Digital Britain logo, DCMS
Retail sales in the eurozone fell again in February, figures show, underlining the fragility of the economic recovery.
Ministers are accused of a "stitch-up" to pass digital piracy laws but the measures are approved by MPs.
Speedometer, BBC The Apple iPad
US regulators say parts of a plan to give US citizens high speed net access are threatened by a court ruling on net neutrality.
Some owners of the newly-available iPad experience difficulties in connecting their devices to wi-fi.
Christopher Cazenove  Eva Longoria-Parker
British actor Christopher Cazenove, best known for his role in Dynasty, has died after contracting septicaemia.
Eva Longoria-Parker says she is "confused" about on-set assault claims made by a former Desperate Housewives co-star.
Sushi rolls Solar Impulse takes off from Payerne airfield
A traditional Japanese diet could transfer the genes of "sushi-specific" digestive enzymes into the human gut, say scientists.
A solar-powered plane prototype takes to the air for the first time in its first step towards a round-the-world journey.
Hassan and Hussein Benhaffaf 
A 14-hour operation to separate four-month-old conjoined twins has been successful, doctors at London's Great Ormond St say.
One of Sudan's main opposition parties - Umma - joins the boycott of next week's elections.
Powerlines in South Africa frame grab image taken from a video shot from a U.S. army Apache helicopter gun-sight, posted at Wikileaks.org and confirmed as authentic by a senior U.S. military official, shows a group of men in the streets of the New Baghdad district of eastern Baghdad just prior to being fired upon by the helicopter July 12, 2007
The World Bank is to announce whether it will grant South Africa a $3.75bn (£2.45bn) loan for a huge new power plant.
The US military is reviewing a video of a controversial helicopter attack on a group of people in Iraq in 2007, officials say.
A sign for prayer hangs on the front of a home near the entrance to the Upper Big Branch coal mine owned by Massey Energy Company and operated by Performance Coal Company in Montcoal, West Virginia, on April 6, 2010 Poster advertising Mount Kumgang resort (file)
Rescue crews are set to enter the coal mine in West Virginia where an explosion killed 25 miners on Monday to look for another four missing miners.
North Korea says it will freeze South Korean assets at a key tourist resort and restart the venture with a new partner.
Gen Than Shwe salutes during Armed Forces Day - 27 March 2006  David Gray
Asian leaders are urged to put pressure on Burma as they meet in Vietnam, while Thailand's PM pulls out amid domestic unrest.
Urgent changes must be made to the system of vetting foreign doctors in order to protect patients, MPs say.
Veronique De Keyser in Khartoum, March 2010 Moqtada Sadr - March 2010
The European Union withdraws its election observers from Sudan's war-torn Darfur region, citing safety fears.
Supporters of radical Iraqi Shia cleric have voted to reject both front-running candidates in Iraq's election.
Israeli soldiers An ink-stained finger of a voter in Tangalle, Sri Lanka, 8 April 2010
Campaigners call for an Israeli media ban on the case of an ex-soldier suspected of security offences to be lifted.
Voting closes in Sri Lanka's general election, with the president seeking to strengthen his hold on power.
still image obtained April 8, 2010 courtesy of IntelCenter from an April 7, 2010 Taliban-released video showing captured US soldier Pfc. Bowe Bergdahl Houses of Parliament
The Taliban release a new video which appears to show an American soldier captured in Afghanistan in June.
Labour launch a fierce attack on Tory "fantasy" savings, as David Cameron says they are "rattled".
Pc Jason Hanvey and Sgt Andrew Kennedy AA rescue van
Two policemen are jailed for 18 months after inflicting "deliberate cruelty" on a 19-year-old woman in custody in Greater Manchester.
AA patrol staff are to hold a two-day strike starting on 2 May, the union representing them has announced.
Bank of England  
The Bank of England keeps UK rates at the record low of 0.5% and decides not to pump more money into the economy.

New Beginning for the Opposition

If there is to be a new beginning, it's the NLD decision to forgo the bogus legality of the party’s existence so that a mass political movement can organically re-emerge.
We are not in a position to punish Myanmar [Burma]. If China and India remain engaged with Myanmar, then we have to.
—Singaporean Foreign Minister George Yeo

Water Festival Celebrations in Rangoon Restricted

Burmese authorities are significantly restricting the way Rangoon residents celebrate the water festival, known as the Burmese New Year Festival, that runs from Tuesday to Friday next week.

NLD: 'Flag Will Keep Flying'

The National League for Democracy says it will not take down signs and insignia from outside the party's Rangoon headquarters after May 7.

Two More Parties Apply for Registration

Two parties, the Union Democratic Party (UDP) and the Chin National Party (CNP), submit applications to the Union Election Commission to take part in the national election later this year.

Lead Poisoning Scare in Mergui

Government officials refuse to give out the results of blood tests to residents in Mergui after several cases of lead poisoning were reported.

Czech Supports UN War Crimes Inquiry on Burma

The Czech Republic calls for the UN Security Council to examine setting up a Commission of Inquiry into war crimes and crimes against humanity in Burma.
Thai Unrest Hovers over Asean Summit
Unrest in Thailand and controversy over Burma's elections are likely to overshadow a summit of 10 Southeast Asian leaders who had intended to focus on economic matters.
Displaced children endure trauma, violent death, disease: report
relief-and-development1ssEvery day Burma’s ethnic minority children face forced relocation, forced labour for the army, starvation, ...
Amnesty calls Asean to task over Burma abuses
Amnesty International urged regional leaders to address immediately Burma’s violation ...
A boycott can unite the opposition
(Commentary) Burma has been plunged into a deep crisis, casting a cloud of uncertainty ...
Strident demand from 100 ASEAN MPs to expel Burma
On the eve of the ASEAN summit in Vietnam, there is a strident demand from ... US govt sued by ‘bugged’ Burma drugs agent thumbnail

US govt sued by ‘bugged’ Burma drugs agent

CIA found guilty of spying on former Drug Enforcement Administration officer stationed in Burma in the early 1990s to tackle the country's booming heroin market

‘Only India has benefitted Burma’

Think tank report claims that Indian engagement with Burma “has paid dividends” and that Western sanctions have only bolstered China's influence

Belarus in Burma for arms talks

A delegation from the maligned former Soviet republic heads to Burma to discuss strengthening military and technical cooperation

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