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Lloyd Blankfein
Goldman Sachs executives testify to the Senate, as one hits back at what he says are attacks on his "character and motives".
Ukrainian politicians fight in parliament, 27 April 2010 Breaking News
Chaos erupts in Ukraine's parliament as members vote to extend the lease on a Russian naval base in Ukraine.
A South Korean scales Annapurna to claim the record for being the first woman to climb the world's 14 highest peaks.
Manuel Noriega, pictured in 1996 Bhutanese school girls hold flags of India and Pakistan as they wait for the arrival of dignitaries for the Saarc summit in Thimpu, Bhutan, on April 26, 2010
Panama ex-leader Manuel Noriega faces French prosecutors after his US extradition and will fight money-laundering charges.
India arrests one of its diplomats on charges of spying for Pakistan as the two countries' leaders prepare for a regional summit.

Energy Companies in Burma Urged to Disclose Payments

Backed by 160 NGOs, unions and policy figures, the Earthrights International releases a statement urging energy companies in Burma to publish “all payments made to the Burmese authorities since 1992.”

Thein Sein to Head Political Party?

Sources say the Burmese PM is retiring from the military to head a new political party—part of Than Shwe's master plan for entrenching military rule.

Than Shwe's Planes Named 'White Elephant'

Two private planes reserved for Burma's junta chief Snr-Gen Than Shwe and four top generals are named “White Elephants.”

After Renewing Sanctions, EU Seeks Meeting with Junta

European Union foreign ministers have renewed the bloc's “Common Position” on Burma, extending existing sanctions until April 2011.

As They Fold, Indonesia Garment Makers Blame China

The flood of cheap products has poured into Indonesia under a free-trade agreement between China and Asean countries. Some industries are calling on the government to save their businesses from collapse.
Pressure mounts on international energy firms in Burma
International pressure is mounting on multinational oil and gas companies operating ...
Senator seeks Burmese perspective on US policy
Burmese activists and community leaders in the United States have urged US Senator ...
Asia World doubles tolls on road to Bassein
Junta crony firm Asia World has without notice, since the Buddhist New Year, ...
Please don't prevent the hearse crossing your ward.
kyawthus(Interview) Kyaw Thu, actor turned founder of free funeral service, has been honoured with ...
Mass call for Burma gas transparency thumbnail

Mass call for Burma gas transparency

Rights groups claim that absense of secrecy clause in contracts for Total and Chevron mean their dealings with the Burmese junta can go public

Four wounded in grenade attack on dam thumbnail

Four wounded in grenade attack on dam

Attacks follow a similar incident at a controversial dam in Kachin state owned by the same Asia World Construction company

Ethnic alliance ‘to step up resistance’

Eight-member alliance warns that it will 'attack systematically' any offensives launched by the government in its attempt to transform groups into border forces

Opinion & Analysis

Singapore mentors Burma in sham elections

While Singapore's leaders shed crocodile tears and sermonise Burma's generals on the need for free elections, should they not be looking at their own backyard?

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