Global Action for Burma (GAB): EU must take the next stronger step

26 April 2010

Global Action for Burma (GAB) calls for European Union (EU) to take the next stronger step which should be EU stands firmly on the position that it won’t recognise junta’s planned 2010 election & its results.

We welcome EU council Resolution on Burma but we want to see action. Now is the very important time for Burma. We want the EU to know that they must be realistic in dealing with junta.

International community including EU has been calling for junta to enter the dialogue with Daw Aung San Suu Kyi led democratic groups.

In reality, junta doesn’t have the will to find the solution peacefully and it is the one turning its back on dialogue table. It has now been 20 years international community calling for junta to enter dialogue.

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi once said that-

“We (NLD) have done everything we can to try to bring about a dialogue that will help us find solutions to the problems of our country. It is the military regime that is opposed to dialogue. We would like the world to look clearly at what is happening and to see where the inflexibility really lies. The National League for Democracy (NLD) represents the people of Burma and their desire for a fair, just, democratic government”.

Junta always ignores the international community calls to enter dialogue knowing that it is only words without action. Burmese people suffer more and more in the mean time and junta gained enormous profit from international community’s honey glazed approach.

We’ve had enough with military regime and we want to see real change in Burma. We also wanted to see international community supporting us with action rather than words.

We want to see EU takes brave next step rather than wondering around maintaining sanction on Burma. Even though we support sanction, but it won’t bring about real change in Burma.

Global Action for Burma (GAB) would like to see (3) practical steps EU would take in order to bring about genuine change in Burma, i.e.

1. EU must declare that it won’t recognise junta’s planned 2010 election and its results.
2. EU must call for implementation of 1990 election results and actually supporting the democratic groups attempting to implement these results.
3. EU must declare that it is ready to endorse Aung San Suu Kyi led government as the legitimate government of Burma if should the one be formed.

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi led National League for Democracy (NLD), the victors of 1990 elections decided unanimously to boycott the junta’s planned sham 2010 election.

Without the participation of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, without the participation of National League for Democracy (NLD), and without the participation of 1990 election winning parties, junta’s planned election in 2010 is clearly not creditable.

The essence of planning to hold election in 2010 is just to nullify 1990 election results in order to legitimise military rule in Burma by excluding Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and political activists in the Burma future.

Global Action for Burma (GAB) would like to raise (5) points why EU should declare it won’t recognise junta’s planned 2010 election and its results, i.e.

1. 1990 election results are still yet to be honoured
2. Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and thousands of dissidents are still in prisons
3. National League for Democracy boycott junta’s planned election
4. 2008 constitution is designed to legitimised military rule in Burma
5. Electoral laws are unfair and undemocratic

Whenever we talk about Burma crisis, we end up saying bringing Burma case to discuss at the UNSC. After that we end up saying China and Russia would block with veto. It is like never ending circle and we have to end this.

Now, we have the new approach which will by-pass UNSC or China and Russia veto. If international community endorse Aung San Suu Kyi led government as the legitimate government if should the one be formed, then it will be the answer for Burma crisis.

For more information please contact the following spokespersons on behalf of Global Action for Burma (GAB):

Ko Sonny Aung Than Oo (Germany)

Burma Bureau Germany

00-49-173 534 7534, AtoBurma@web.de

Ko Kyaw Zaw Wai (Canada)

Canadian Campaign for Free Burma (CCFB)

1-416-358-2318, zaw.w.kyaw@gmail.com

Ko Yin Aye (USA)

Free Burma Federation (FBF)

1-2407532397, yindbso@gmail.com

Ko Ko Aung (Japan)

Democratic Federation of Burma (DFB)

090-1506-2893, kokoaung_dfbjp@yahoo.com

Ko Kyaw Than (India)

All Burma Students League (ABSL)

91-9810601506, dawnstar88@gmail.com

Ko Yin Htwe (Thailand)

Burma Political Prisoner Union (BPPU)

66845755416, yinhtwe@gmail.com

Ko Tay Zar Tay (Denmark)

Aktionsgruppe for Demokratii Burma (ADB-dk)

004522838096, tayzar.tay@gmail.com

Ko Myo Thein (UK)

Burma democratic Concern (BDC)

442084939137, myothein@bdcburma.org

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