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Smoke billows over Bangkok, 19 May
Thailand's government puts the capital Bangkok under curfew after leaders of the red-shirt street protest surrender.
Breaking NewsThe South Korean vessel which sunk in March is lifted from the sea
Non-crew members were in the cockpit of a plane in which the Polish president and 95 others died, an investigation finds.
South Korea's foreign minister blames the North for sinking a South Korean naval vessel in March.
Security forces at Bagram air base following the attackfacebook logo
The Taliban attack one of the biggest US bases in Afghanistan, using machine guns and a rocket-propelled grenade launcher.
The social network suggests it could simplify its privacy settings soon, following widespread condemnation of its changes.


Violence Erupts in Bangkok after Redshirts Surrender

The Thai army enters the Redshirt encampment in Bangkok on Wednesday, ending the months-long standoff but widespread mob violence engulfs the capital as isolated bands of Redshirt protestors set fire to major buildings.

Bangkok Eyewitness—Protesters Run Amok as Army Moves In

Bangkok is in chaos as hardcore protesters run amok after violent suppression of the Redshirt protest by the army.

One More Political Prisoner Dies in Jail

Another political prisoner, Kyaw Soe, 40, has died at Myingyan Prison in central Burma, according to the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners-Burma.

Six Burmese Businessmen Seek Private Banking Licenses

Burma's wealthiest tycoon Tay Za and five other businessmen close to the military regime have applied for permits to establish private banks.

USDA Continues to Harass Water Volunteers

Members of the Union Solidarity and Development Association(USDA) continue to try to co-opt local volunteer groups who try to distribute water in drought-stricken areas of Burma.

Armed Robbers Kill Two Near Rangoon
Armed robbers open fire and throw a grenade at neighbors during a house break-in at a small village outside Rangoon.

Disciplined democracy's dry run

Rangoon blast lensman’s father in court
A journalist who with his son was detained in alleged connection with the suspected ...Rain cheers hot and bothered in Pegu
Rain has brought brief relief and some smiles in Pegu Division, which has been suffering ...
Kungyankone robbers kill two, wound 13
Two residents died and 13 were wounded, some critically, by gunfire and grenade ...
Death rates soar amid heatwave
Daily death rates in Rangoon, Mandalay, and Magway Divisions towns have more than ...Junta’s election cards not above board
(Commentary) The Burmese military junta has and is playing its election cards the way it ...HIV rates among Asian men ‘alarming’ thumbnail

HIV rates among Asian men ‘alarming’

Punitive laws against homosexuality across Asia ‘pushing the problem underground’, with 30 percent of gay and bisexual men in Rangoon infected US media law ‘won’t affect’ Burma thumbnail

US media law ‘won’t affect’ Burma

Burmese journalists claim that US bill that requires state department to single out governments guilty of media restriction will have little impact on the pariah state
‘Soldiers’ kill 3 in armed robbery thumbnail

‘Soldiers’ kill 3 in armed robbery

Men dressed in army uniform storm house in Rangoon division village and open fire, killing three and injuring 13

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