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Hillary Clinton boards her plane in Beijing, 26 May
The international community must respond in the growing crisis over the sinking of a South Korean warship, the US says.
Canary Wharf Artist's impression of the Alaotra Grebe (copyright Chris Rose)
Europe's internal market commissioner calls for a new tax framework on banks to help with future meltdowns.
The Alaotra grebe of Madagascar is extinct, an assessment of the world's rarest birds finds, but the outlook for others is improving.
Ultra-deepwater rigs and other equipment being assembled at the oil spill site, 21 May Hailu Shawel (file photo)
BP begins tests to ensure a plan to "top kill" or plug the oil leaking from a Gulf of Mexico well does not backfire.
Two of Ethiopia's main opposition leaders call for a rerun of Sunday's elections, saying they were not free and fair.

USDP Handing Out 'Incentives' in Shan State

The Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) campaigns for votes and passes out “incentives” in townships and villages in Northern Shan State.

Karen Unity Seminar Calls for UN Probe

A seminar attended by more than 100 representatives of 37 Karen organizations has called for a UN investigation of crimes committed by Burmese government troops.

Telecoms Also Hit by Power Cuts

The power cuts that plague Rangoon are also causing interruptions or overloading of land line communications.

Jailed Poet Released

Saw Wai, the Burmese poet who received a two-year sentence in 2008 for mocking regime chief Snr-Gen Than Shwe, was released on Wednesday after spending 28 months in jail.

Sen. Webb to Visit Burma Once Again

US Sen. Jim Webb will once again meet with junta officials, less than one month after the visit of US Assistant Secretary of State Kurt Campbell.
Thousands Pray for Peace in Bangkok
Thousands of residents gather at dawn to pray for peace at sites across Bangkok after two months of the worst political violence in Thailand's modern history.
Chinese prem to meet Burma generals thumbnail

Chinese prem to meet Burma generals

Wen Jiabao to visit Burma next week to discuss energy cooperation as trade between the neighbouring countries continues to soar

60 arrested over Kachin dam bombs thumbnail

60 arrested over Kachin dam bombs

Major police operation nets 60 suspects following attack on controversial Myitsone dam in April that killed three workers and injured 20 US senator Webb to visit Burma thumbnail

US senator Webb to visit Burma

Jim Webb will make his second visit to Burma in nine months as he warns of growing US concern at China's expanding influence in Southeast Asia Brief biographies of the some NLD CEC members
(Research) Win Myint represented the NLD and competed in the 1990 general election ...
US senator to revisit Burma
US Senator Jim Webb is to pay his second visit to military-ruled Burma during a tour of ...
Monks and students urge poll boycott
Clandestine monk and student organisations yesterday urged the people of Burma ...
70 youths held over dam blasts, Kachin group says
More than 70 youth activists have been arrested in a two-day sweep by authorities ...
Full renovation for Mingalar Market
Fire-ravaged Mingalar Market, gutted by an almost two-day blaze, will be renovated and ...

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