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Mustafa Abu al-Yazid (undated video grab) Rigs at the scene of the Deepwater Horizon disaster
Al-Qaeda's number three leader and Afghan chief, Mustafa Abu al-Yazid, has been killed, US and al-Qaeda sources say.
Shares in oil giant BP fall nearly 17% as the company's "top kill" plan to cap a leaking oil well in the Gulf of Mexico fails.
Votes being recounted in Baghdad (file photo 14 May 2010) People outside Lingling District People's Court in Yongzhou, Hunan, China (1 June 2010)
Iraq's highest court confirms the results of the March election almost three months after the polls closed.
Three judges are shot dead in China's Hunan province by a man armed with a submachine gun who later killed himself, say reports.
Lawyers for Trafigura in court in Amsterdam, 1 June 2010 Ryanair planes
The trial of a Swiss-based firm over its alleged role in exporting toxic waste to Ivory Coast starts in the Netherlands.
Ryanair reports pre-tax profits of 341m euros for the year to March, bouncing back from its first annual loss last year.
Ever since the military regime lost in the 1990 elections, they have been trying to violently sideline the NLD.
—Win Tin, executive member of the NLD

The Ghost of Elections Past

History repeats itself, so they say. In Burma, the first elections were strewn with boycotts, infighting and even USDA-like polling day enforcers.

Tay Za's Air Bagan Gets a Rival

Burmese businessman Aung Ko Win has reportedly formed a domestic airline that is expected to compete directly with Tay Za's Air Bagan.

Electricity Shortage Worse in Rangoon

Electricity shortages in Rangoon have worsened due to insufficient gas supplies caused by a leak in a pipeline that brings natural gas to power plants in the country's former capital.

Than Shwe Family Will Not Take Part in Pagoda Ceremonies

The reconstruction of Danok Pagoda in Dalla Township won't be attended by Snr-Gen Than Shwe and his family this time around.

Displaced Market Workers Struggle On

An estimated 10,000 shop workers and porters scramble to survive after Burma's largest wholesale market is destroyed by fire.

Social Media Provide Space for Thai Arguments

After months of turmoil, silence has finally fallen over the streets of Bangkok. But the shouting continues in cyberspace as Thais and even foreign residents bicker and debate.

“It's simple, really. We're nearly there.”

Tuesday, June 1, 2010
Mon leaders resign after decades of struggle
Three top leaders of the New Mon State Party, which has rejected the junta’s ...Karenni resistance leader dies at 81
Karenni militia senior leader and revolutionary General Aung Than Lay, who fought ...
Six take Shweamyutay honours
The fifth Shweamyutay literary award ceremony was held at Trader’s Hotel ...
Rangoon mayor’s grandson dies in car accident
The baby grandson of the Rangoon mayor died on Saturday after his parents’ car ...
Insein court tacks 10 years on to youth’s term
The jail term of a National League for Democracy party youth member serving ...
China and Burma ‘allied over foreign enemies’ thumbnail

China and Burma ‘allied over foreign enemies’

China justifies strengthening ties with the maligned Burmese junta with talk of the need for state sovereignty and Burma's opposition to Taiwanese independence
EU meets old and new opposition thumbnail

EU meets old and new opposition

National Democratic Force reiterates its stance during talks with European Union delegation that Burma needs an opposition party
Burma intelligence probes political inmates thumbnail

Burma intelligence probes political inmates

Political prisoners questioned by Special Branch police about their stance on the National League for Democracy's boycott of elections this year

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