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Syria and Saudi leaders in Beirut

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad - 29 July 2010

Syria's president is in Lebanon after years of tension between the two countries, on a visit with the Saudi king to try to avert a looming political crisis.
US economy's growth slows
Growth in the world's largest economy slowed to an annualised 2.4% in the second quarter of 2010, amid fears about the strength of its recovery.
French mother 'relieved by truth'
A French mother who admitted killing eight of her newborn babies is relieved that her secret is finally out in the open, her lawyer says.

'Diplomacy by Stealth' Needed in West's Approach to Burma

The US and the European Union would be well advised to adopt a policy of deal-making and “diplomacy by stealth” in their approach to Burma.


Superstitious Than Shwe's Quest for Atonement at India's Shrines

One purpose of Burma junta leader Snr-Gen Than Shwe's visit to India appears to be an attempt to seek atonement at the country's holiest Buddhist

Burma's Generals Meet North Korea's FM

Top Burmese generals are reportedly scheduled to meet North Korea's Foreign Minister in Naypyidaw during his four-day visit

Getting the Facts Straight about 'The Dear Leader'

Hein Latt, the author of a recent Burmese biography of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, speaks to The Irrawaddy about the troubles surrounding publication of his book.

USDP Constitution Maintains Junta's Policies

The formation of the Union Solidarity and Development Party is “due to the call of history,” according to its constitution.

USDP Assigns Constituencies to Ministers

Though the election law forbids government officials from taking part in the poll, regime ministers are starting to organize their campaigns

North Korea joins the junta's censors.

Child presumed dead after flood hits ward of northwestern Kalaymyo
Floods in the northwestern Burmese division of Sagaing resulting from torrential ...
Burma Campaign urges Cameron to press India on Burmese issues
Burma Campaign UK has called on British Prime Minister David Cameron and Foreign ...
USDP to extend its campaign to urban areas of Mon State
The junta-backed Union Solidarity and Development Party is soon to start electoral ...
Suu Kyi, NLD leaders confident of her release in November
Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi and her National League for Demo ...
MDC chief looks ahead to ask when military will quit parliament
Party leader, poet and author, Wei Mhu Thwin, says the problem with the upcoming ...
Grim warning sounded on climate change thumbnail

Grim warning sounded on climate change

Plankton down by 40% in past 50 years as scientists sound warning bell about rising sea temperatures, with implications for Burma likely severe Burma parties wary of US sanctions thumbnail

 Burma parties wary of US sanctions

Candidates complain that US sanctions will do little to affect repressive laws that govern how parties approach Burmese elections this year China seals biggest Burma mining deal thumbnail

China seals biggest Burma mining deal

World's largest steel manufacturer one of two Chinese companies set to sink $800 million into lucrative nickel mine in northern Burma

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