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A family sit on a charpoy in Sukkur, Sindh province (7 August 2010)Pakistan on flooding 'red alert'

Pakistan issues a red alert as floods that have devastated northern areas sweep south into the agricultural heartland of Sindh province.

Karen Armies Unite to Face Threat of War

Eastern Karen State is on a war footing after a renegade DKBA commander breaks rank with pro-junta leaders over the issue of forming a border guard force.

Weekly Business Roundup (August 7, 2010)

Burma’s economy will continue to be poorly managed regardless of the outcome of promised national elections.

US-Vietnam Nuke Deal Will Likely Allow Enrichment

The Obama administration has told US lawmakers that a nuclear cooperation deal with Vietnam is unlikely to include a promise by the Hanoi government not to enrich uranium.

Laos Takes Center Stage in Cluster Bombs Treaty

After being relegated to the shadows for decades by its more powerful neighbors, Laos is finally taking the lead role in a global campaign to ban the use of cluster bombs.

Social Fallout of Atomic Bombings Hounds Survivors

The devastation the atomic bomb survivors in Japan suffered is not only about living with radiation burns and medical problems.
Assassination attempt on military chief thumbnail

Assassination attempt on military chief

Lt-Gen Ye Myint part of a convoy of senior Burmese army officials that came under attack yesterday in eastern Karen state close to Myawaddy Burma junta ‘bribing’ DKBA renegade thumbnail

Burma junta ‘bribing’ DKBA renegade

Army officials reportedly offer Na Kham Mwe US$20,000 and property in return for signing an agreement to transform into a border militia
Burma opposition party chief quits thumbnail

Burma opposition party chief quits

Chairman of the Union Democratic Party 'tried his best' but resigns his post in protest at lack of change of election conditions
Tigers bring political foes together
In a domestic political environment often characterized by animosity and antagonism, ...
Drug economics in Burma’s new political order
drug-burma3sThe regime’s biggest threat for the past half-century, besides Aung San Suu Kyi, has been rebel armies from ...
600 monks to bless Sumatran replica of Shwedagon Pagoda
More than 600 monks from Burma will visit the Indonesian island of Sumatra in ...

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