Myanmar, Thailand to buy gas for 30 years.

Thursday, August 5, 2553 9:59 pm
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This is good news in Thailand. And success in pioneering energy sources abroad. To create energy security for the country. After signing contracts with natural gas projects in the M9 Block in Myanmar Zawtika between PTT Public Company Limited (Thailand) as buyers and sellers include PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited (Thailand) and Myanma. Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE), the national oil companies in Myanmar. By Dr. Chan Wannarat Nukul Minister of Energy has arrived as president in a ceremony with HE Lun Thi (U Lun Thi), Minister of Energy in Myanmar.
Wannarat said Dr. important source of M9 gas reserves are proven basic 1.4 trillion cubic feet. Can be used in Thailand for at least another 30 years, trading volume contracts (DCQ) 300 million cubic feet per day to start production in 2556 will be sent to Thailand 240 million cubic feet per day And sold in Myanmar 60 million cubic feet per day to help stabilize the production and supply of electricity within the country. For use in electricity generation of Ratchaburi Power Plant. And Wang Noi Power Plant. Including the transport sector for use in cars (NGV) The quantity of natural gas. Software from sources that Nautica will be able to replace imported oil was about 2,400 million liters per year to help the country save foreign exchange approximately U.S. $ 400,000 million lifetime contract.
At the same time developing natural gas from sources M9 will also collaborates promote interconnection pipeline ASEAN (Trans-ASEAN Gas Pipeline) the network pipeline ASEAN length increased from 2,800 km to 3,020 km the region. with energy security and links to the various Regional event of petroleum shortages. Dr. Wannarat. Added.

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