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Protests over French Roma policy

The actress Jane Birkin (4th from left) and others speak to the media outside France's immigration and national identity ministry in Paris, 4 September

Thousands attend rallies in Paris and other French cities to protest at the government's policy of deporting Roma people.

A damaged building and a building on fire in Christchurch, New Zealand, on 4 September, 2010 

Overnight curfew after NZ quake

Police declare an overnight curfew in Christchurch, New Zealand, after a powerful earthquake causes considerable damage but no fatalities.

Ethnic Issues and the New Parliament

National reconciliation and ethnic self-determination are two sides of the same coin, and they must be addressed in the new parliament and in regional and state parliaments.

Obituary: Sam Kalayanee

Sam Kalayanee, a Thai documentary filmmaker and founder of Chiang Mai-based Images Asia, died on September 3, aged 50.

Rural Folks Disinterested in Election

With scant election coverage in the media and no campaigning allowed, Burma's rural population has little interest in voting in November's polls.

Burmese FM to Attend US-Asean Summit

President Obama will host Asean leaders in New York later this month when the election in Burma will be on the agenda.

Weekly Business Roundup (September 4, 2010)

Energy starved Burma has reportedly agreed to build two hydro dams in Arakan State to supply Bangladesh with electricity.

Bangladesh Leads Way With International Crimes Tribunal

While investigations into war crimes and politically-motivated atrocities are bogged down in many Asian countries, Bangladesh progresses towards justice.
Staff Ordered to Leave Ethnic Border Areas
Naypyidaw recalls government and NGO staff working in UWSA and NDAA-controlled areas on the Sino-Burmese border.
Burmese petition India for release of freedom fighters
freedom-fighter-ind2sThe Burmese community in New Delhi in a fervent appeal letter has urged India's National Human Rights ...
USDP, ethnic parties our main rivals, says NUP
nup-flagThe junta-backed National Unity Party, which won 10 seats of a possible 492 in Burma’s 1990 general ...

Indian border-state trade envoys to tour Burma
tradeTrade ministers from the four northeastern Indian states bordering Burma are set to meet Burmese ...
Poet holds first exhibition since release from prison
sawwai-art-exhibitionsBurmese poet and artist Saw Wai, who spent more than two years in prison for his 2008 acrostic poem ...
Party leaders predict USDP to dominate all assemblies
dr-than-nyeinAugust 30 was the final date for political parties to submit candidate lists to the Burmese junta’s ... NDF to field 161 election candidates thumbnail

NDF to field 161 election candidates

National Democratic Force leads the way in number of candidates submitted by opposition and third force parties for 7 November polls
Than Shwe to meet China’s top leaders thumbnail

Than Shwe to meet China’s top leaders

Burmese leader likely to brief Chinese counterparts on elections and border security during four-day visit beginning early next week
Dhaka to import power as China’s influence grows thumbnail

Dhaka to import power as China’s influence grows

Bangladesh looks to seal energy deal with Burma to satisfy major electricity shortfall whilst eyeing overland links to southwestern China

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