Publication ceremony of Rakhaing Women's Union

Publication ceremony of Rakhaing Women's Union

Rakhaing Women's Union(RWU) organized a publication ceremony on 3-12-08 at 11 AM RWU office,Dhaka. In the ceremony Mr. Tha Han, Regioal Director of RDF preside over the meeting and opened the books " " Danyawady Rakhaing Pray which Under Modern Monarchy Rule". Mr. Ushit Maung ,Chairman of Rakhaing Development Foundation, Ms. Ma Tin Win, members, Executive committee of Arakan Community Council , Mr. S. Chodhuri, Liaison officer of Free Tibet Solidarity Forum were attended as special guest and highly appreciated RWU for publication of this book as documentary evidence of human rights in Rakhaing state, Burma, in their speech. Saw San Nygrim Thu, General Secretary of RWU delivered elaborately regarding the publication of the books in her welcome speech and

At the end of ceremony Saw Mra Raza Linn, the chairperson RWU and author of this book , thanks to all guest speakers, RWU members and all participants of the cero money and male fact finders and informers for giving all kinds of cooperation for publication" of the book Danyawady Rakhaing Pray which Under Modern Monarchy Rule"..

Press release and photos are attached here with.

Saw Khiang Thazan Thingi Oo

News and information department

Rakhaiing Women's Union

Press Release

Rakhaing Women's Union (RWU) is an women organization working for democracy and human rights in Rakhaing state (Rakhaing pray) Burma, based in Burma-Bangladesh boarder, going to be published a book in the Name of " Danyawady Rakhaing Pray which Under Modern Monarchy Rule" on 3rd December, 2008. This book is concerned with the violation of human rights reports within 10 years in Rakhaing state ,Burma and is a first publication of the of RWU.

The book is consists of three parts with following contents:

Part-1. Human Right violation in the Rakhaing state-past and Present.

  1. A brief description of Human Rights violation in past.
  2. Human Rights violation by the present military rulers.

(Under this head there are 13 sub-heads line on human rights violation)

1. Oppression on farmers in Rakhaing State

2. Occupancy of Pady land, farm land and hill land of farmers in Rakhaing State.

3. Destroyed Ang Town and build military airport

4. Forced labour and porter on innocent Rakhaing people

5. Occupancy of all business enterprise by military and military backing business men.

6. Destroyed Mangrove forest and Hill forest by the military

7. Creation of uneducated people and lack of health facilities.

8. Force recruitment Rakhaing child into the army.

9. Exploitation of natural resources by the military Junta in Rakhaing State

10. Buying arms and ammunition by the people money by selling natural resources and

oppressed the people.

11. Thirsty Rakhaing people are thirsty in their golden land

12. Make misfortune by using magical tactic to Rakhaing people

13. Caught white elephant for using magical tactic.

Part-2. of the Book report Destroying Rakhaing cultural heritage and ancient historical evidence by the Burmese modern monarchy rulers.

(Under this head there are 10 sub- head line- In this head all article are writing about Rakhaing cultural heritage were damaged by the modern Burmese monarchy rulers.)

1.Mahamuni Buddha was shifted to Amrapura Nipridaw in the past monarchy time

2.The Mahamuni old temple was totally damaged by the military and rebuilt by the Military


3. Destroyed old Mrauk Oo palace ground .

4. Removed iron hti or umbrella from Shit Thong Pagoda.

6. Put up new hti daw , Umbrella top of the Radanapun p[Pagoda.

7. Destroyed ancient Rakhaing cities areas.

8. Damaged Man Rwa pagoda in Manbra township.

9. Damaged Ang Pagoda and taken away all Buddha statues,

10. Created Rakhaing map smaller to smaller.

Part-3. 0f Book report Forced marriage and rape by Burmese soldiers and its parallel forces. such as; Police, Nasaka and parallel military forces Blood mixing policy.

Total pages are (94) and there are written Recommendation, References books and description of cover pages. Book cover pages are as bellow:.

Front page Back Page

Information and Publication Department

Rakhaing Women's Union (RWU)

Rakhaing Pray

Residing Bangladesh

Phone- 901 3435, Mob- 01732 649007

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