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Megrahi boards plane
The Libyan jailed in Scotland for the 1988 Lockerbie bombing in which 270 people died is released on compassionate grounds.

Counting is under way in the Afghan presidential election after voting went ahead in most areas despite sporadic Taliban attacks.

South Africa's ruling party backs the new 800m world champion, Caster Semenya, as doubts are raised about her gender.

A smiling voter holds his election ID card as he waits to vote in Kabul, 20 Aug 2009
Thu. 20 Aug 2009 0008 UTC

Afghans Brave Violence to Vote for President

This is only the second opportunity Afghans have had to directly elect a president since the fall of the Taliban regime in 2001

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Men carry the coffin of a relative, killed in Wednesday's bombing, in Baghdad, Iraq, 20 Aug 2009

Iraq Detains 11 Security Officers After Baghdad Carnage

Iraqi officials raise death toll at least 100, say security officers should have prevented trucks of the sort that exploded Wednesday from approaching government ministries

Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi (2002 file photo)

Scotland Orders Release of Lockerbie Bomber

Scottish Justice Minister Kenny MacAskill announced the decision Thursday in Edinburgh, saying it was made on compassionate grounds

N.M. Gov. Bill Richardson (C) meets with N. Korean Minister Kim Myong Gil (R) and advisor to the Gov., K. A, Tony Namung in Santa Fe, 19 Aug 2009

New Mexico Governor, N. Korean Diplomats Continue Talks

Governor Bill Richardson to meet again with North Korean diplomats, in what he calls a 'hopeful sign' of improving Washington-Pyongyang relations

Iraqi relatives pray at the grave of Ibrahim Abid, who was killed when guards employed by security company, Blackwater, opened fire at a Baghdad square

US Hired Contractors to Hunt, Kill al-Qaida Operatives

The New York Times and The Washington Post reports that Blackwater USA helped CIA with planning, training and surveillance in 2004

The Burmese soldiers and officers must be told of their tarnished prestige and the harm done to their country by a few decrepit and corrupt generals who are involved in mass murder and the plundering of their country.
— Jose Ramos-Horta, President of East Timor

Regime Goal: The Strongest Army in Southeast Asia

The junta expands its manufacturing capability under a home-grown Defense Industry infrastructure, while also procuring heavy weapons and missile technology from abroad.

Secret Norwegian Letter Blasts UN Chief

Norway's ambassador to the United Nations has accused Ban Ki-moon in a confidential letter of weak leadership, lack of charisma and angry outbursts.

Eastern Burma: Another Darfur?

Karen and other ethnic peoples in eastern Burma have for decades been subjected to what many activists say are war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Junta Conscripts Ethnic Youths

The Burmese military are forcing ethnic youths into military training to build up local militias.

China's Secretive Military Launches Web Site

China's Defense Ministry launched its first official Web site, part of an effort by the normally secretive military to be more transparent.

Refugees of the Maepa Rubbish Dump

Burmese refugee families have lived around a trash dump in Mae Sot for years, but with free medical care and free education for their children, it’s not all bad.

Kachin film screening in Rangoon

An ethnic movie titled 'Seeking love in evergreen forest', with Burmese subtitles, for the first time will begin screening in Rangoon from August 21. This is the first ever screening...

Pakistan Senate HR Committee condemns Burmese junta

Pakistan’s Senate Functional Committee on Human Rights on Wednesday came down heavily on Burma’s military junta for sentencing opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi and urged its...

Editorial, Opinion and Analysis

Webb visit challenges opposition assumptions

(Commentary) The fallout from U.S. Senator Jim Webb’s recent visit to Burma sheds light on inherent fissures and miscommunication both internal to Burma’s l...

Seventy nine debtors file lawsuit against bean traders

Six of the seven bean traders, accused of defaulting on their debt last year, have been sued in court by 79 people, who claim that they had not been paid ...

Rise in child labour feared over Thai policy

The Thai Government’s policy of not registering families of migrant workers is likely to escalate the problems of child labour, a social worker said. Executive Director of...

Rights group urges Thailand to look after detained Rohingya

In the wake of two deaths in the detention camp, a rights group in Thailand has urged Thai authorities to provide humanitarian assistance including medicare to detained...

State-run media hails junta as “humanitarian government”

Burma’s military rulers hope that hosting US Senator Jim Webb and releasing John William Yettaw will help promote bilateral relationship between the US and Burma,...

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