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President Lech Kaczynski attends ceremonies marking the 70th anniversary of the beginning of WW II at the Monument of Westerplatte Defenders, in Gdansk, 1 Sept 2009
Tue. 01 Sep 2009 1109 UTC

Ceremonies in Poland Mark Start of WWII

Polish political, religious leaders recall sacrifices of countrymen in struggle against Hitler's forces

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The reactor building (L) dominates the nuclear power plant in Bushehr, Iran (File)

Iran Ready to Hold Nuclear Talks

State media reports quote head of Supreme National Security Council as saying country has 'updated' set of proposals

South Korean cargo trucks head to the North Korean city of Kaesong, 1 Sept 2009

North, South Korea Normalize Cross-Border Traffic Audio Clip Available

South Korean Unification Ministry spokeswoman says traffic set to resume at levels not seen for more than a year

Workers count ballots at the Independent Election Commission in Kabul, Afghanistan, 27 Aug 2009

Experts: Elections Last Chance to Resolve Afghan Conflict Video clip available

Mounting questions about Afghan elections could undercut credibility

Moammar Gadhafi attends show for 40th anniversary of military coup that brought him to power, at military airfield outside Tripoli, 01 Sep 2009

Libya's Gadhafi Marks 40 Years in Power

Some world leaders expected to attend festivities for anniversary of military coup that brought him to power

A Polish veteran looks on during ceremonies at Westerplatte Monument in Gdansk
Commemorations are taking place to mark the outbreak of World War II amid tensions between Poland and Russia.

Military-led Fiji is suspended from the Commonwealth, after it refused to commit to holding elections in 2010.

Geo-engineering projects could help curb climate change but are not substitutes for reducing emissions, a report concludes.

The brutal fighting has forced thousands of civilians to flee their homes for safety in Thailand and China, and reduced both stability and the prospects for national reconciliation.
— Ian Kelly, US State Department spokesman


Offensive Elections?

The recent clashes between the Burmese army and a former ceasefire group highlight the flaws of the junta’s constitution and the dangers posed by next year’s planned elections.

Laogai is a Silent Capital

The Kokang capital shuts down amid reports of looting of Kokang-owned stores by regime soldiers.

Halt Military Campaigns against Ethnic Nationalities: US

The Burmese military government should immediately halt its “brutal fighting” against ethnic groups, says the US State Department.

Amnesty Offer to Kokang Troops—Leaders Face Manhunt

Burmese regime has offered an amnesty to troops of the Kokang ceasefire group while launching a manhunt for four of their leaders.

Burmese Officials Travel to Kunming

Five senior Burmese officials visited the capital of China’s Yunnan Province days after clashes that sent thousands of refugees fleeing across the Sino-Burmese border.

Rangoon Opinions Differ on Kokang Assault

Burmese Residents in Rangoon express different opinions on the junta’s attack on the Kokang militia.

Kokang Refugees' Return Slows

Chinese authorities began pulling down tent camps as the number of refugees returning to Burma fell sharply from the thousands the day before.

Gay beauty pageant for HIV/AIDS charity

The gay community organized a fund raising beauty pageant for HIV/AIDS patients on August 29 in Rangoon. 'Miss Red Ribbon Beauty Contest 2009' kicked off at the Sedona Hotel......

China gifts railway package to Burma

China on Monday gifted five railway locomotives and 220 passenger and freight coaches to military ruled Burma to help the country extend its railway network up to...

Editorial, Opinion and Analysis

Burma's fishery export downward trend continue

(Analysis) Despite Burma’s fishery products being a good revenue earner in the export market, this year it has taken a beating and failed to achieve the targe...

Monks under close surveillance

As the second anniversary of the Saffron Revolution draws near, arrests, searches and monitoring of monks have been stepped up by the authorities in monasteries in...

US exhorts Burma to cease internal strife

The United States on Monday expressed its “deep concern” over the Burmese military junta’s attacks on ethnic nationality groups and exhorted the regime to halt its military...

Ten-party alliance drafts electoral policy

The alliance of 10-political parties in Burma started drafting its electoral policy since Sunday, as part of its preparation to contest in the junta proposed 2010 general...

Fighting abates as Kokang Army splits

Burma’s military rulers on Monday said the situation in north-eastern Shan State has normalised, but sources along the Sino-Burma border said sporadic fighting continues between junta troops...

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