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Hamid Karzai (file photo)
Wed. 09 Sep 2009 1309 UTC

Karzai Defends Afghanistan Poll Results

President Hamid Karzai praises Afghan officials for 'impartiality,' despite UN-backed commission order to recount 'questionable ballots'

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Shoppers check prices at a discount store in Tokyo (Sep 2008 file photo)

Some Japanese Families Face Hunger During Recession

To help those in need, Second Harvest collects, distributes wasted food

Stephen Farrell

NATO Troops Free Reporter Kidnapped in Afghanistan

Irish-British citizen Stephen Farrell was abducted Saturday while reporting on aftermath of controversial NATO air strike in Kunduz

Glyn Davies, US Ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency, is seen prior to the start of the IAEA's board meeting, in Vienna, Austria, 07 Sep 2009

US: Iran Close to Nuclear Bomb Capacity

US Envoy Glyn Davies says Iran could already be in possession of sufficient enriched uranium to produce one nuclear weapon

President Barack Obama speaks at AFL-CIO Labor Day picnic at Coney Island in Cincinnati, 7 Sep 2009

Obama To Push For Health Reform In National Speech Wednesday Audio Clip Available

President wants to regain momentum on issue after facing several months of intense opposition from both parties

Stephen Farrell (L) and Sultan Munadi (R) at a hospital in Kunduz on 4 September 2009
A kidnapped Western journalist is freed in a raid in Afghanistan, but a UK soldier and three Afghan civilians are killed.

At least 23 people are killed and more are missing after the heaviest rain in 80 years triggers sudden floods in Turkey.

Spain's most famous judge, Baltasar Garzon, testifies in the Supreme Court, accused of overreaching his judicial powers.

“Some international observers view next year's planned elections as an opportunity. But under the circumstances imposed by the military's constitution, the election will be a sham.”
—NLD senior leader Win Tin

Propaganda and the Burmese Media

Burmese citizens enjoy the rare opportunity to read articles from two leading US newspapers, because the writers promote views that support regime policies.

Wa Units in Southern Shan State Build Defenses

UWSA units in southern Shan State near the border with northern Thailand are reinforcing their positions in case fighting with the Burmese regime breaks out.

Win Tin Speaks Out

In a Washington Post article, the NLD senior leader criticizes US Sen Webb’s visit and says the 2010 Burmese election will be a ‘sham.’

NLD Seeks to Organize Political Activities across Burma

The NLD opposition party asks the Burmese military government for permission to play an active role in organizing political activities across the country.

The Military’s Role in Asean Nations

The often-decisive interventions of the military in national politics in Asean nations have restricted the development of democracy, freedom of speech and human rights in many countries.

Chao Ngi-lai, patron of the United Wa State Army (UWSA) aged 70 died on Tuesday morning...An advertisement of popular rocker Angeh soon to be released music album. For his ninth music album,...

Wa patron dies

Chao Ngi-lai, patron of the United Wa State Army (UWSA) aged 70 died on Tuesday morning...

Former NMSP leaders to form party to contest polls

Some ethnic Mon leaders plan to float a new political party before the 2010 general elections. Former New Mon State Party (NMSP) Central Committee members Nai Tin Aung,...

US Embassy investigates arrest of American citizen in Burma

The United States Embassy in Rangoon said it is talking to the Burmese government regarding an American, arrested at the Yangon International Airport on September 3. Burma born...

Editorial, Opinion and Analysis

Why did Dr. Tuja resign from KIO?

(Interview) The sudden resignation of six high ranking officers of the Kachin Independent Organisation, the largest Kachin ceasefire armed group, including Vice...

Two political outfits allowed to put up signboards

With the National Political League of the Union of Myanmar and the 88 Generation Student Organization (Union of Myanmar) being allowed to put up signboards in Pakkokku,...

Feuding militias come in the way of junta’s plans

Feuding militia leaders have brought a halt to a damaging Burmese military advance through territory claimed by the Karen National Liberation Army. Leaders of the Democratic...

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