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John Demjanjuk, on a stretcher, at the court in Munich on 30 November 2009
A frail, former US carworker, accused of helping to murder 27,900 Jews at a Nazi death camp, goes on trial in Munich.

Dubai stocks down on new debt crisis fears
Shares in Dubai's main stock markets dive 6% on fears over its debt crisis, despite a move to give banks extra liquidity.

Europe's atom-smasher sets energy record
The so-called Big Bang machine sets a new world record for the energy of its particle beams, officials say.

Kowtowing Holds Up Political Progress in Burma

Democracy has no place for the ancient practice of showing obsequious respect for rulers who regard themselves as beyond reproach.

Media and Medical Ethics Controversy Hits Rangoon

The death of a teenage girl at a Rangoon clinic has sparked criticism of medical practices in Burma and of the media when covering such issues

No Military Reshuffle after Top Brass Meet

Burmese leader Snr-Gen Than Shwe surprised observers by not shuffling anyone at the quarterly military meeting and playing golf instead.

Veteran Politicians Urge Reconciliation

Political veterans and analysts send a letter to junta leader Snr-Gen Than Shwe stressing the need for national reconciliation.

Thai Navy Vessel Fires on Burmese Soldiers

Five Burmese soldiers are injured in an exchange of naval gunfire in waters off Kawthoung Township in far southern Burma.

America Wages New War in Vietnam—on AIDS

As memories of the eight-year war fade, the American army that older Vietnamese remember has returned. This time, however, they are treating HIV/ AIDS patients.

Indonesia in parleys with Burma for detained fishermen

Indonesian embassy officials in Rangoon on Monday said that they are negotiating with Burmese authorities regarding detained Indonesian fishermen, who along with Chinese,...

Japan to allow resettlement of Burmese refugees

Parliamentarians from several countries expressed concern about the plight of refugees from North Korea and Burma, while a Japanese MP said that Japan will start selecting...

Editorial, Opinion and Analysis

Burma's 2010 election: New version of Diarchy

(Commentary) To answer the frequently asked query - is democracy possible in Burma - is yes. But what democracy is the following question. The officially dubbed...

Than Shwe urges USDA to forge ahead

Burma’s military junta supremo Senior General Than Shwe on Friday patted on the back his puppet civilian organization – the Union Solidarity and Development Association...

South, Southeast Asian MPs unite on Burma

Parliamentarians from South and Southeast Asia on Friday jointly urged Burma’s military junta to implement genuine democratic reforms, starting with re-drafting of...
NLD proclaims 'positive' Than Shwe speech

Nov 30, 2009 (DVB)–Burma’s ruling general last week made a “positive contribution” towards future peace in the country during a speech that touched on elections next year, an opposition party spokesperson said. - more

Singapore firm sign Burma gas deal

Nov 30, 2009 (AFP)–A Singaporean marine engineering company has signed a multimillion dollar contract with a Burmese firm, and will lay gas pipelines off the shores of the military-ruled nation next year. - more

EU pushes for Burmese refugee work rights

Nov 30, 2009 (DVB)–The European Union is seeking to allow Burmese refugees currently confined to camps along the Thailand-Burma border to work legally in Thailand. - more

EU envoy sees progress in Burma

Nov 30, 2009 (AFP)-Opportunities are emerging for a breakthrough in the political stalemate in military-ruled Burma, including the possibility of talks with the junta, and they must not be missed, an EU envoy said Friday. - more

Police dismiss rape of three girls

Nov 30, 2009 (DVB)–Police in Burma’s former capital have refused to investigate the rape of three sisters, one aged five, by a known paedophile due to their mother’s inability to pay costs demanded by the police. - more

Burmese VJs risking lives for freedom

Khin Maung Win

Nov 30, 2009 (DVB)–It is unlikely that ‘T’ knows that he is being honoured and celebrated around the world these days. - more

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