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Gordon Brown
Two ex-cabinet ministers seek a ballot on Gordon Brown as leader, raising new doubts about Labour months before a UK election.

Obama given intelligence pledge
A top US intelligence official promises action after sharp criticism from President Obama over the failed plane bomb plot.

Whalers 'ram' activist boat
Anti-whaling activists accuse a Japanese whaling ship of a ramming attack on one of their boats in Antarctic waters.

Much of the opposition's leadership remains in prison, there is no space for political dissent or debate, and no freedom of the press.
— Ian Kelly, the US State Department spokesman

Gold Price Rise Blamed on Regime Members' Inflation Fears

An apparent rush by members of the Burmese junta and their families to buy gold is being named as the cause of a sudden rise in the price of the precious metal in Burma.

Freelance Video Reporter Sentenced to 26 Years

International media groups have condemned a Burmese court in Pakokku Township that sentenced a freelance video reporter to 20 years in prison.

Australian Senator Criticizes Exports to Burma

A senator from the Australian Greens party calls for a halt to exports of high-frequency radio sets to Burma's military junta.

With Hmong Expulsion, Thai Army Asserts Foreign Policy Role

The recent deportation of Hmong to Laos has shown that Thai military remains the dominant player in shaping the relationship between Thailand and its immediate neighbors.

AirAsia, Jetstar Form Low Cost Airline Alliance

Malaysia's AirAsia and Australia-based Jetstar announced an alliance to help the budget carriers reduce costs including cooperation on passenger handling at airports in Asia and possible joint purchases of aircraft.

Letter from Kathmandu

Sometimes, a look inside another struggling country can help answer questions about your own.

Than Shwe's surefire hopes for 2010

Burmese government staff unhappy despite pay hike Essential and other commodity prices in Burma are rising after the military junta ...
Army men edit ethnic Kachin newspaper This year the Burmese Army is editing the ‘JingHpaw Mungdaw Nsen’ newspaper ...
Junta buys radio sets from Australian company Perth-based Barrett Communications Company said today that they had sold ...
Census of retired education sector employees in Arakan
The Burmese junta has begun taking a census and collecting personal details of retired government servants in the education sector ...

FEC price higher than USD

The price of Foreign Exchange Certificates (FEC) is significantly higher than the US dollar today. It is higher by Kyat 15 in the Rangoon foreign exch...

Fresh misery looms large in New Year in Burma

(Editorial) The New Year should be a time for hope and change, but for the people of Burma it promises to bring more of the same misery, albeit with ....

Farmers sell livestock to repay loans

Jan 6, 2010 (DVB)–Farmers in central Burma forced to repay loans months in advance of their deadline have reportedly been selling off livestock, following threats of arrest. - more

US senator Webb gives election backing

Jan 6, 2010 (DVB)–US senator Jim Webb, the only senior-level US official to have met Burmese junta chief Than Shwe, has said that he supports the junta’s controversial planned elections, to be held this year. - more

Burma will struggle for attention in 2010

Francis Wade

Jan 6, 2010 (DVB)–The extent of Burma’s “boutique” attraction for the international community will be tested this year as the opposition vies for attention amidst a horde of other, equally controversial, elections. - more

Burmese reporter receives 20-year sentence

Jan 6, 2010 (DVB)–A Burmese reporter who contributed video material to the Democratic Voice of Burma has been handed a 20-year prison sentence, bringing to 13 the number of imprisoned journalists in Burma. - more

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