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Angola Arrests 2 Suspects in Connection with Togo Team Attack

Rebel group claims responsibility for attack, saying it was not targeting Togolese team, but rather Angolan security forces

Ian Paisley, Peter Robinson and Iris Robinson
Northern Ireland's embattled chief minister steps down for six weeks, throwing doubts over the province's power-sharing deal.

Six foreign soldiers die in Afghanistan
Three US and one French soldier are among six killed in Afghanistan, Nato says, in its deadliest day for two months.
Complaints greet Google Nexus phone
Many of the first users of Google's Nexus One complain about how it works as they look for help with the phone.

Burmese Economist Urges Greater Rice Exports

While international aid agencies struggle to assist Burma's rice farmers to recover from the 2008 cyclone disaster, a leading Burmese economist has called for the restoration of the country as “major rice exporter” in order to stave off poverty.

NLD Elects 9 New CEC Members

The NLD elects nine new members to its CEC, but does not force any of its aging leaders to resign.

Uniformed KIA Soldiers Banned from Festival

The Burmese government bans KIA soldiers from wearing uniforms at the 62nd Kachin State Day festival in Myitkyina.

More Churches Attacked in Malaysia

Nine churches were attacked over four days amid a dispute over the use of the word ''Allah'' by non-Muslims, sparking fresh political instability that is denting Muslim-majority Malaysia's image as moderate and stable.

Junta Turns to Draconian Electronics Law to Silence Critics

A court ruling in military-ruled Burma has brought into sharp focus a law the junta widely uses to go after civilians it wants to silence.
New Enemies of the State in Burma
In Burma, anyone suspected of sharing information that the authorities deem sensitive risks being sent to prison, or worse.

US Must Admit More Rohingya Refugees

As a nation championing human rights, the US has a duty to include more Rohingya refugees in its resettlement program.
Fire guts four houses in Rangoon suburbs Four houses were gutted by a devastating fire that broke out on Sunday evening ...
Burma looks to increased rice exports to combat poverty
press-briefing-u-myint1s In order to tackle poverty among farmers, it is of the utmost importance for Burma’s rice ...

Junta finds scapegoats for government leaks, says former colleague

News image

(Interview) A former foreign ministry employee has accused the Burmese military regime of trying to wipe out secrets of the past – the killing of ...

Staring at a medical black hole

Joseph Allchin

Jan 11, 2010 (DVB)–Not far from the white sand of Thailand’s Andaman Sea coast, tucked away from the luxury resorts, sits some very different accommodation for ‘foreigners’. - more

Tourists wrestle with rights issues in Burma

Jan 11, 2010 (AFP)–Soaring high in a hot air balloon over Bagan in central Burma at sunrise, foreign tourists gasp in awe at a vast plain dotted with around 4,000 centuries-old temples. - more

Soldiers nab job brokers, 30 illegal Myanmar workers
Regional Source > Thai News Agency MCOT Sunday, 10 January 2010 23:51
Thai soldiers arrested several Myanmar job brokers and 30 illegal Myanmar workers at a house in the southern province of Chumphon on Sunday ...
Myanmar claims prompt sale of gov't treasury bonds in start of this year
Business Source > Xinhua Sunday, 10 January 2010 23:46
The Central Bank of Myanmar has claimed prompt and good sale of government treasury bonds in the beginning of this year, getting a total sale value of over 1.03 billion Kyats (1.03 million U.S. dollars) ...
Myanmar private airline plans three more destinations this year
Business Source > MyanmaThadin Sunday, 10 January 2010 23:42
A Myanmar private airline of Air Bagan has planned to add flight services to three more destinations of Cambodia, Thailand and China this year, sources with the airline said on Sunday...
Myanmar bans use of CFC gas to prevent ozone layer depletion
Environment Source > Xinhua Sunday, 10 January 2010 23:40
The Myanmar authorities have banned the use of Chloroflurocarbon (CFC) gas starting this month, saying that such gas destroys the ozone layer, the local Flower News reported Sunday...
Phuket to Burma Flights 'on Airline's Wish List'
Tourism Source > Alan Morison/Phuketwan Sunday, 10 January 2010 23:30
A PRIVATE airline from Burma is planning flights to Phuket beginning this year, sources within the airline have told the China news agency, Xinhua. The airline, Air Bagan, plans to add more services to ...
French crew films Myanmar's working elephants
Environment Source > Earthtimes Sunday, 10 January 2010 23:28
A French film company is making a documentary on Myanmar's elephants employed in the logging industry which will compare their lifestyles with those employed in tourism in Thailand, Sri Lanka and India ...

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