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Letter of Invitation


The battle of political defiance No.407-"Anti- Dictatorship, People's Freedom Movement" will continue. First of all, we strongly denounce the regime for its ongoing attacks causing more than 1,000 Karen villagers from ten villages in Nyaunlebin District in Pegu Division fleeing their homes on Jan. 17 and are still hiding in the jungle. In the case of Burma, despite growing calls for the ruling junta to be investigated for war crimes and crimes against humanity in 2009, “no government has yet taken the lead in either initiative at the UN according to the Human Rights Watch.

Regardless of intimidations and arrests, the people came out and reported ILO for the regime’s continuation of violations of Child labors and conscriptions. The reward for doing so was more illegal arrests and long term imprisonments by the regime without any intervention of ILO. Despite, ILO still keeps on praising the regime’s so called “Cooperation”.

Senator Webb said, “American sanctions and other policy restrictions have not only increased Chinese political and economic influence in Southeast Asia, they ironically serve as a double reward for China because all the while American interaction in East Asia has been declining.” At the same time, Secretary Clinton denounced China’s internet censorship regarding the internet giant GOOGLE’s announcement to withdraw its business in China.

In response, China’s “get lost” attitude toward the US remains the same by simply saying, “Leave me alone”. With its aging workforces and anti-European mentality, China already knew that it will break up the relationship with the US sooner or later. That was why China has been engaging with the rogue regimes, in order to maintain its political policy and to implement China’s way to globalization, with the similar ones around the globe. And, who knows what is going to happen after that. But, one thing is for sure that the US will never disappoint China by attempting to interfere Burma regime’s political ambition.

In conclusion, we have nothing left for us to depend on but our own. Due to the prevailing circumstances, we the people of Burma must fight for the restoration of freedom and democracy in Burma in order to enjoy the real independence of Burma. The first and fundamental step for us to begin is to confront our own fear and to face the reality by all means possible. The duped regime is set to rule the country no matter what. The fallacy of regime's way to democracy, which will lead the people all the way down to hell, will not solve the country's problem as we see it. Even if the regime can manage to repeat Ne Win's rule, the economic down turn, social injustice, human rights violations will lead a social upheaval sooner or later.

Keep in mind, Daw Suu had repeatedly said that if you really want democracy, put your own effort. Don't wait for somebody else. You are the master of your soul. We are on our own to fight back the regime. We are the ones who can make up our own history by showing the world that we can achieve the international standard democracy at our own cost. Our courage, determination and unity will be tested in this battle.

Remember, our job as non-violent activists is to let the world know that the atrocities and social injustices are still going on in Burma, and that is why we keep on doing what we suppose to. Media cooperation and sympathy of our honest and noble struggles are greatly appreciated.


Venue: SPDC embassy

2300 S St NW

Washington DC

Time: 11:00 AM

Date: January 25, 2010 (Monday)

All the freedom lovers of Burma are cordially invited to participate in this historic event.

Contact: Arkar Soe (301-213-0605) for further information.

Campaign Planning Committee

Washington DC


breaking news
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This is not politically significant since the elections would already be finished when Aung San Suu Kyi is released.
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Refugees Under Pressure to Return to Burma

About 3,000 Karen villagers in Ta Song Yang District in Tak Province are under pressure from Thai authorities to return to Burma.

Labor Pains

ILO Executive Director Kari Tapiola spoke recently to The Irrawaddy's reporter Ba Kaung about forced labor issues in Burma, the ILO's negotiations with the military junta, and child soldiers.

Haiti Aid Response Far Better than Nargis

The slow delivery of relief aid to Haitians has become something of an embarrassment, but it is far more successful than the Nargis effort.

'Suu Kyi Will Be Released': Home Minister

Burma's home minister announces that Suu Kyi will be released in November and that election polls will not be rigged.

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Monks ‘to boycott’ Suu Kyi’s brother

Jan 25, 2010 (DVB)–A prominent Burmese monks group will boycott religious services for Aung San Suu Kyi’s estranged brother unless he backs away from a dispute regarding her Rangoon house-cum-prison. - more

Verdict for US citizen ‘due Wednesday’

Jan 25, 2010 (DVB)–The outcome of the trial in which a Burmese-born US citizen is accused of fraud and forgery will be announced on Wednesday this week, his lawyer said. - more

Suu Kyi ‘to be freed in November’

Jan 25, 2010 (DVB)–Burma’s detained opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi will be released from house arrest in November this year, according to Burmese officials who met with a government minister last week. - more

Karen flee Burma army attacks

Jan 25, 2010 (AFP)–Aid groups on Sunday expressed concern for more than 2,000 ethnic Karen villagers hiding in the eastern Burma jungle after they fled their homes to escape attacks by government soldiers. - more

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