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Greek PM George Papandreou (centre) with leaders of France and Germany, 11 Feb 10
EU leaders have reached a deal on helping Greece tackle its debt crisis, EU President Herman Van Rompuy says.

Iran rallies to mark revolution
Hundreds of thousands mark Iran's Revolution, as opposition leaders try to mount counter-demonstrations.

Mandela's 1990 release marked
Celebrations are being held to mark 20 years since the release of Nelson Mandela in South Africa, a key step towards ending apartheid.

Ethnic Leaders Dismiss Union Day

While the Burmese junta gears up for Union Day on Friday, ethnic leaders say the 1947 Panglong Agreement was never implemented.

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi said we cannot say at this moment whether to participate in the election... The main reason she gave is the lack of freedom of information.
—Nyan Win, spokesperson for the National League for Democracy

Understanding Burma's ‘Union Day’

Despite the observance of the 63rd anniversary of Union Day on Friday, the essence of the Panlong agreement is still denied to ethnic minorities in Burma.

Karen Villagers Flee as Burma Army Escalates Attacks

Government troops step up attacks on Karen civilians, forcing 2,000 to flee into the jungle, according to Karen relief groups.

Kachin Political Party Becoming More Active

The former leader of the Kachin Independence Organization who formed the Kachin State Progressive Party invites students and women in Myitkyina to campaign for the party.

US Says Sentencing of American Can Damage Relations

US lawmakers urge the Burmese junta to free a US human rights activist, saying his 3-year imprisonment could hinder the ongoing dialogue between the two countries.

Australian Opposition 'Deeply Concerned' about Burma Policy

Australia's shadow foreign minister said that she is “deeply concerned” about Australia's participation alongside the Burmese regime in a multilateral naval exercise.

Thai patrol kills Wa
War Source > S.H.A.N. Wednesday, 10 February 2010 23:45
A Wa fighter was shot to death by a Thai patrol last Friday, 5 February, while he with 2 companions was hunting on the Thai-Burma border, according to Thai and Shan sources...

Elections mean nothing to Myanmar's ethnic armies
Election Watch Source > Reuters Wednesday, 10 February 2010 22:05
Whether the country is ruled by brutal military dictators or democratically elected civilians, rebels who control this jungle enclave have made one thing very clear: they want nothing to do with Myanmar...

Facing rampant inflation, Myanmar turns to bartering
Source > Aung Hla Tun/Reuters
Wednesday, 10 February 2010 22:01
Faced with a shortage of small banknotes, people in Myanmar are resorting to bartering cigarettes, shampoo and other items. The bartering illustrates the effects of sanctions on one of the world's most isolated ...

Ethnic parties and politicians in electoral fray
Some ethnic parties and a number of politicians are already in the election fray in Burma ...
Sixty villages to be relocated for hydropower projects
The Burmese military junta authorities are gearing up to relocate about 60 villages ...
Fear of strikes leads to factories declaring holiday
demo-ygn1sFear of strikes by workers spreading has forced some factory managements in Hlaing Tharyar ...
No decision on polls till electoral process is announced: Suu Kyi
suu-kyi-campbellssBurmese democracy icon and National League for Democracy leader, Aung San Suu Kyi ...
Burma on alert as A/H1N1 cases mount

Feb 11, 2010 (DVB)–The Burmese government has said 16 people have been newly confirmed as carrying the A/H1N1 virus, although Rangoon residents say the number could be as high as 27. - more

Landmine death in Karen ‘safe zone’

Feb 11, 2010 (DVB)–A man has been killed after stepping on a landmine in an area of Burma’s eastern Karen state flogged to foreign observers last week as a ‘safe haven’ to return thousands of Karen refugees to. - more

UN rights envoy en route to Burma

Feb 11, 2010 (AFP)–UN human rights envoy Tomas Ojea Quintana will begin a five-day visit to Burma next week, a UN official said Thursday, as the military junta prepares to hold national polls this year. - more

Suu Kyi says ‘too early’ for election decision

Feb 11, 2010 (DVB)–It is still too early to make a decision on whether to participate in the Burmese elections this year, detained opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi has said. - more

So much for US dialogue with Burma

Jared Genser

Feb 11, 2010 (DVB)–Yesterday Burma told the world it had no interest in engaging with the US. A Burmese court, dictated to by the ruling junta, sentenced an American to three years of hard labor in prison on sham charges. - more

US lawmaker mulls Burma sanctions

Feb 11, 2010 (AFP)–A senior lawmaker called Wednesday for the United States to consider toughening sanctions on Burma for its jailing of an American citizen whose fiancee appealed for his freedom. - more

Shan army ‘should prepare for fighting’

Feb 10, 2010 (DVB)–A senior Burmese junta security chief has reportedly warned a Shan-based ethnic army to expect conflict unless it transforms into a Border Guard Force and allies itself with the government. - more

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