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A massive 8.8 magnitude quake hits central Chile, north-east of the city of Concepcion, killing at least 78 people, ministers say.
Uribe new term bid rejected
Constitutional judges in Colombia reject a referendum to allow President Alvaro Uribe to stand for a third term in office.

Tiger Woods dropped by Gatorade
Drinks firm Gatorade ends deal with Tiger Woods in the wake of the golfer's admission of extra-marital affairs.

Temporary and Precarious States of Being

An exhibition at the Pridi Banomyong Institute in Bangkok offered a variety of responses and commentary on Thailand immigration policies affecting migrant workers.

Burmese Official Urges Migrants in Mahachai to Register

Burma's home minister tells migrant workers in Thailand's largest Burmese community to register for temporary passports so they can remain in the country legally.

Thaksin Found Guilty over Burma Loan

The ousted Thai prime minister was found guilty of using his influence while in power to extend a low-interest loan to Burma that benefited his telecommunications company.

Thaksin Supporters Denounce Thai Court Verdict

Supporters of populist Thaksin denounced a court order to seize $1.4 billion of his assets, and vowed to pursue a nonviolent struggle for what they said would be a people's democracy.

Migrant Registration in Chaos

The Thai government has extended the deadline for migrant workers to register for work permits and national verification till Mar. 2, but rights groups say the system is in chaos.
The women talk the same language, that we want peace. But what kind of peace? Not just the absence of war. We want peace that offers better opportunities for all ethnic groups, for different people and different genders.
—Hseng Noung of the Women’s League of Burma

Privatization? What Privatization?

The recent sell-off of state-owned businesses by Burma's ruling generals is just an extension of their wholesale theft of the country's resources.
FEC prices show downward trend
Foreign Exchange Certificate (FEC) prices have been falling over the past one month, traders said. In December 2009, ...
Car carrying Burmese migrants shot at three killed
Three illegal Burmese migrants in Ranong were shot dead when Thai security forces ...
Little Hope for Burma's Political Prisoners
tomas-ojea-quintana-nld1ssThe United Nations special rapporteur for human rights in Burma, Tomas Ojea Quintana ...
Pervasive drug production linked to rebel groups: UNODC
The eradication of drug production in Burma is contingent upon a reduction ...

FEC prices show downward trend

Foreign Exchange Certificate (FEC) prices have been falling over the past one month, traders said. In December 2009, the FEC price increased ...

Melted Euphoria

As I was leaving the township chicken market, a young man in a blue municipal uniform approached me.  I was surprised and scared. “Brother, I just ...
Suu Kyi appeal rejected by Burma court Feb 26, 2010 (AFP)–Burma's Supreme Court on Friday rejected an appeal by Aung San Suu Kyi against her extended house arrest, an official said, keeping her in detention ahead of elections promised by the junta this year. - more

Karen boy killed by Burmese shell Feb 26, 2010 (DVB)–A village for internally displaced persons in eastern Burma has been shelled by Burmese troops, causing the death of a 15-year-old boy. - more

S Korea blocks Burmese migrants Feb 26, 2010 (DVB)–South Korea has suspended permits for Burmese migrant workers after Korean police discovered “illegal activity” being carried out by migrants, although it declined to say what these were. - more

Thai troops kill three Burmese migrant kids Feb 26, 2010 (DVB)–Thai soldiers have shot and killed three Burmese migrant children and wounded five more when they opened fire on a pick-up truck that sped through a border checkpoint. - more

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