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At least 38 people have been killed in two suicide bombings on the Metro system in Moscow, officials say.
Suu Kyi party to boycott election
Burma's opposition National League for Democracy says it will not take part in military-run elections expected this year.
Four Rio Tinto executives jailed

Four executives of Rio Tinto are found guilty of bribery and secrets theft by a Chinese court and handed lengthy jail terms.
While Burmese political activists and the international community focus on the election, the people of Burma don’t see the elections as bringing any hope of change.
— Zoya Phan, international coordinator of the Burma Campaign UK

NLD Says 'No' to Election

The National League for Democracy's decision not to register for this year's election was made unanimously.

Junta on Collision Course with Asia

With a series of visits by Asian leaders lined up, Naypyidaw faces rebukes and criticism over its handling of the election process.

NLD Will be Gagged: Media Sources

Burmese publications have reportedly been told by the regime's Press Scrutiny Board that they can carry special election sections provided they don't report on political parties that fail to register.

Exile Groups Support NLD Rejection of Registration

Exiled political groups welcome the National League for Democracy decision not to register and take part in the Burmese election.

Thangyat Songs Ridicule Than Shwe's Election

The planned election is one of the main targets of this year's traditional Thangyat album of satire, poetry and music produced by Burmese activists living in India.
NLD not to re-register with Election Commission
nld-office-ygn1sIn a significant decision, which may have far reaching consequences in Burmese politics, ...Hawk’s eye on literary and academic talk show
The literary and academic talk show to be held in Rangoon is under ...Rules restrict construction of Thingyan pavilions
ygn-thingyan-mandat1sStrict rules are being enforced by Burmese authorities in the construction of Thingyan ...
Suu Kyi’s party to boycott elections thumbnail

Suu Kyi’s party to boycott elections

The National League for Democracy votes "with no objection" against participating in Burma's elections this year French company denies ‘surveillance’ support thumbnail

French company denies ‘surveillance’ support

Alcatel-Lucent denies charges that communications equipment provided to Burmese junta through Asian subsidiary is used to monitor phone calls
Suu Kyi urges ‘unification’ with army thumbnail

Suu Kyi urges ‘unification’ with army

Opposition leader on Armed Forces Day criticises accusations that party is divisive and calls for civilians and army to unite for 'a democratic' Burma

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